Wood Trim Molding

Car trim is that item that could be added to the interior and as well as exterior of an automobile to standardized its appeal. There are many different types of car trim in the market. Some of them are even used to protect the car from the unwanted damage and dents that can be occurred by surrounding vehicles resting in a parking lot, while others can be for aesthetics. Consumers who look for car trim will have the privilege of the items such as protective add-ons, special paint, pin striping and bumpers etc. The best and the safest way to protect your truck or car from dents and door dings can be installing a quality professional grade body side molding in your car. You can also protect the other sensitive areas of your vehicle in the same way with door edge guards and wheel well molding.

There are mainly two types of car trims that include:

1.Exterior car trim: Consumers who desire to embellish the exterior surface of their automobiles then they can find several items like plastic rub strips, pearlized paint, pinstriping, plastic bumpers etc. Whether looking to beautify the outlook of your vehicle or protect it from the outside external damage, consumers can have the range of exterior car trim products which will entirely suit their needs.

2.Interior car trim: Mostly, cars are available in many interior trim levels like the common base, mid, and high ends. Also each of these levels includes: vinyl, wood grain, various kinds of upholstery such as artificial leather. Each kind of upholstery has both positive and negative qualities that should be equally weighed before any decision is made.

Car trim molding is the method which is mostly preferred to protect the car from all the dents and helps give it a new style rather it is the best way to protect your car from all the possible dents and digs.

There are body side molding, wheel well molding and door edge guards are the items used in molding to prevent the internal and external damage

*Body side molding includes the rubber strips that are attached horizontally to the lower side of the vehicle. As it is pasted outside the car surface so if anyone hits its car’s door against your car then it will that body side molding and not your car.

*Wheel well molding will actually trim the area of the wheel well by using a thin rubber bead which will protect this exposed area of the wheel. This can also be used to cover up an existing dent in this area as once it is applied over the scratch or dent you will never find the damage was ever existed there.

*Door edge guards protects car as the edge of your car door protects. They protect also whatever you are hitting with your door. Because of having the soft rubber edges, if you accidently open your car door into another car then the damage is minimal. The door edge guard acts as a shock absorber and helps by preventing any damage that can be occurred.


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