Wine Chiller Bucket

There are many types of wine chillers. However, for any dining event, only two come to mind, the marble wine bottle chiller, and the silver wine beverage chiller. After you have read this review, you should be able to decide which type to select from, and which one is most suitable for your unique preferences.


They can be bought with the dining area in mind. You have many colors, as well as designs to choose from, so that they may fit in conjunction with your current decor. Moreover, they don’t appear too brazen at all.

They usually are very fairly priced, generally ranging from $ 20 – $ 100. Usually the more costly types are personalized, or come with engravings on them.

They are easy to place in your freezer, and usually come with a lid. You only have to remove it when you want to chill a drink at the table. As a result, you can keep it out of view most of the time. When you do take it out, most often it will match your decor.


You could either get them real silver, or silver plated. They are available in all shapes and sizes, from bucket style, to an intricate vase. It really comes down on your tastes.

They don’t really fit in anywhere, and can be usually only used on special events, as they aren’t very practical looking for day to day chilling.

These can be quite expensive, ranging anywhere from $ 80 and beyond, even for the plated ones.

These are not the kind you want to place in your freezer for chilling purposes, as they are uniquely shaped, and don’t go well inside. You will usually put ice in them for the chilling.

One detail to note, is that these kind of wine bottle chillers tend to leave a drippy mess a lot, and you will want a towel near by, or beneath it to keep the water off of any surfaces.

Now that you have gone over this review, you now hold a greater comprehension of the differences between a marble and silver wine beverage chiller. Which kind should you purchase? Well I suppose that really depends on the event you are having, or if you only want it for day to day use. Marble is more suitable for everyday uses, while the silver one might be better for weddings, anniversaries, and birthday parties, however, for the cost involved with a silver model, you still may want to buy a fancier marble chiller. The decision really is up to you.


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