Wide Plank Oak Flooring

Oak is undoubtedly one of the best types of wood that is used to make the furniture with conventional as-well-as modern patterns. This is a wood that provides the unique luster to the products. Moreover, they are durable in nature and works for several years.

Apart from furniture, a number of flooring types are also being manufactured via wood and there is no doubt that they have been proved to be highly successful. Different types of flooring are available these days, some of which include:

Engineered Oak Wood Flooring: The engineered oak wood flooring is available in different patterns. You can get it in a number of colors that give it a unique luster.

Smoked Oak Wood Flooring: This is special wood flooring, which is made with an agent. This agent has the property to react with tannic acid naturally. The color change of treated wood surface takes place due to the chemical reaction. The wood flooring’s color can be changed from light to dark brown. The intensity of treatment given to it decides how much it changes.

American Oak Wood Flooring: American Oak is used to make it. This is the type of oak, which has a unique pattern. It is getting the global popularity these days. This oak is supposed to be highly durable and it comprises of a lot of strength and hardness. You can find the naturally occurring color range in this material.

European Oak Flooring: Similarly, the European-style oak flooring is also popular in the market in the present scenario. Like American-style oak flooring, it is also a durable and magnificent flooring type.

Wide Plank Oak Flooring: The wide plank oak flooring is a flooring type with wonderful appearances. It is used in both new houses and the renovations. It is supposed to be a big challenge in front of manufactures to maintain the shape of this type of flooring. But, the brilliant appearance, which you get in this flooring, is really amazing.

Fish Bone Oak Flooring: The fish bone oak flooring is unique in itself and it is also admired by a number of individuals these days. It is a classic pattern, in which the long wood pieces with width of 8 cm and length of 35 cm are used. You get a plethora of patterns if you purchase this type of wood flooring.

Traditional Oak Flooring: The traditional looks of oak flooring are also attracting a large number of individuals these days. This is a classical style of flooring, among which it is difficult to estimate the number of types. A plenty of countries comprise of distinct cultures, in which different types of patterns were used in the past. So, you can find a wide variety in Chinese, Thai, European, American and Indian conventional patterns.

Modern Oak Flooring: Several modern creative expressions have also come in the limelight these days. The modern designs of oak flooring have also gained a wide popularity in the present scenario.

Oak Flooring in Combination of Modern and Conventional Styles: Several innovators are also providing the new designs, in which you can find the blend of modern and traditional patterns. This confluence really gives a magnificent looks to the flooring.


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