Washable Dog Beds

Having a bed for your dog is vitally important. A dog needs to have a place to call his own for sleep and relaxation at night and during the day. With such a huge variety of dog beds available, why choose washable dog beds?

First and most importantly, if your dog spends most of his time inside, you will definitely want his bed to be washable. Think about it for a moment. You wash the sheets from your bed so they’re fresh and clean. Why wouldn’t you do the same for the family pet?

Really though, you aren’t doing it only for him. Your whole family shares space with him. If his dog bed isn’t washable, you’ll start to detect a doggy odor. In time, this odor will get even more pronounced if nothing is done.

Washable dog beds can be washed. If washed, they won’t become a breeding ground for mites or fleas. Now you can certainly treat your dog with flea powder and have him wear a flea collar. But be aware that if he has fleas in his bedding, chances are good that he’ll keep getting re-infested over and over again.

Flea powder sprinkled onto his bedding isn’t as effective at getting rid of pests as is washing the bed.

Yet another reason to go for a washable bed is cleanliness. It’s quite likely that your dog will get dirty when he’s outdoors. He may roll in the dirt to get rid of an itch, or chase after a rabbit through the underbrush, or even splash through a puddle. With any of these things, some of the stuff he gets into will likely cling to his coat and paws.

When he comes in, you’ll probably point him to his bed to keep the dirt off your couch or carpet. That dirt has to rub off someplace and it’s better that it’s on his bed. This dirt will get ground in and you know that his bed is going to get grimier and grimier until it’s cleaned.

One alternative to a washable dog bed is a bed with a removable cover that can be laundered. If you do this, be sure you don’t wait long before washing the cover. Otherwise, the dirt and odor may penetrate right into the bed. When that happens, it’s very difficult to get rid of it.

For these reasons, washable dog beds are highly recommended when it comes to choosing a bed for your furry friend. You’ll be glad you did.


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