Wall Vase Sconce

Decorating the bedroom often gets moved to the bottom of the To Do list. With so many other projects competing for a homeowners time and money, it is easy to let this space go by the wayside because the bedroom is not a room that is frequently viewed by visitors. However, a bedroom is more than a place to sleep and store your clothing. It should be a personal sanctuary for relaxation, reconnection and romance. Not only will you rest better in a room that is pleasant and clean, you will find that your personal space can act as a mini-retreat, allowing you to slip away from the stresses of everyday life.

Here are some tips on turning an average bedroom in an intimate sanctuary.

1. Pick your style: It really does not matter whether you are drawn to romantic country cottage looks or serene modern spaces infused with Asian design, the important thing is to choose a style or theme that will make you feel contented and relaxed. Spend some time flipping through decor magazines, catalogs and online sites to get ideas and inspiration. Pay attention to what it is that appeals to you when browsing through magazines, model homes or fully designed rooms in furniture stores. Is it a particular color, the way the furniture is arranged, a warm and cozy atmosphere? Do not fight your instincts: Let yourself gravitate toward colors and style elements that will support you emotionally and physically.

2. Choose your colors: Once you have a style in mind, you can frame that style in a color palette. Choose cool pale tones for an expansive, sunny feeling or warm cozy color for a snug intimate atmosphere. A limited palette, such as black and brown or turquoise and grey, will lend a sophisticated look. Pale neutral walls will let you easily change accessories and accents over the years whenever the urge to redecorate strikes. Opportunities to define color are everywhere: From walls to bedding and window treatments to a tea cup on a night stand, a vase of flowers on a dresser or satin ribbon trim on a set of sheets.

3. Make it comfortable: Start with a good quality mattress that supports you and pillows that match the way you sleep. Knowledgeable associates in a bedding store can assist you. Then add a sumptuous comforter, charming country quilt or classic duvet and bedding accessories. Add a mountain of toss pillows and neck rolls, comforting chenille throws, and luxurious high-thread count quality linens. Add a plush area rug for warmth and cushioning underfoot and push a comfortable chair and ottoman into a corner with a floor lamp or candle wall sconce so that you can read and relax with ease.

4. Define with accessories: A beautiful oil painting of the English countryside or a Tuscan villa can be the focal point of an Old-World style bedroom. A striking metal wall art fused with contemporary attitude will make a self-assured statement above a modern bed with a clean, sleek silhouette. Details make all the difference in a room that is adequate and one that hits all the right notes: Beaded fringe vintage lampshades or modern drum shades give you an opportunity to turn the necessity of bedside lamps into a style statement. Venetian glass mirrors or sleek chrome figurines grouped on a floating wall shelf will let your eye delight in every detail. Display personal photographs and collectibles. Taking the time to find the perfect accents will make your bedroom a pleasure that awaits you at the end of the day and is not that exactly what your private sanctuary should be?


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