Wall Bookshelves

Decorative wall shelves or accent shelves are a great way to beautify open spaces on your walls while storing and displaying items as well. The options you have when it comes to decorative wall shelves are to either buy some or make your own pieces. It isn’t a very difficult job as you can simply make small ledges which can then be attached to your wall or is you are experienced with wood work, you can make large complicated pieces as well.

More options include getting fixed or portable shelves. The fixed ones are usually nailed, glued or screwed into the wall while portable ones are just hang on hooks and can be moved whenever you need a new change. Whichever style you pick, there are a few important things you need to look at:


Finding the perfect spot to hang your decorative wall shelves is vital. Otherwise, they will just look misplaced and may even work towards downplaying the entire look altogether as opposed to enhancing it. Here are a few places you can hang your decorative wall shelves:

Between windows – For those with walls which have two or more windows, the space in between them is a great place to hang these accent shelves. Display your antiques or even books there! Along hallways – Get matching accent shelves and hang them along your hallway to display family pictures, medals and so much more. Ensure they don’t stick out too far so they don’t hurt passersby. In the dining room – More often than not, the largest room in the house is the dining room and family, friends and guests often spend quite some time in there. Why not take advantage of the empty walls and the large spaces available to show off your awards, medals, heirlooms, paintings, crafts or family pictures?

Make sure you get the right hooks or L-brackets and nails needed to support your wall bookshelves. You do not want accidents when placing delicate and even expensive items on a poorly constructed shelf which collapses under the weight. The right type of support also ensures that your walls are not damaged by pressure exerted from the shelf or by adhesives, nails, screws or other kinds of items used to attach the shelves to the wall.


Simply put, look at the space you have available on your walls plus the items you intend to hang before you buy your decorative wall shelves. This way, you buy something that is both functional and beautiful. If you are satisfied with your purchase, then you are more likely to come up with even better ideas for decorative placement within your home!


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