Vinyl Siding That Looks Like Cedar

There are those who claim that vinyl siding makes homes look all alike. The people who make such claims obviously have not gotten a good look at the amazing amount of colors that are available in this siding let alone the different styles and grains that you can choose from. Not only does each manufacturer make different colors of this type of siding but they also make different grains which means that two houses sitting next to each other that have both been re sided with vinyl can look as different as night and day.

Every Color Of The Rainbow
Not only does vinyl siding come in every color of the rainbow from red, to yellow, blue, green, browns and tans and so much more but within each color there are often dozens of shades. So, even if you have two red homes one may be barn red while another is terracotta. Yellows can run from pale buttery yellows and light creamy yellows to the bright yellows of sunflowers and blues can be found in a variety of shades from a crisp clear bright blue, to blue grays and even green blues. These color choices make it possible to have your home look very distinct and individual even before you add the trim.

Grains Increase The Choices of Looks
Vinyl siding doesn’t just come in a variety of colors it also comes in a variety of different grains, textures and styles as well. You can choose siding that looks like brick, stone or sand stone. As well as a variety of woods including red cedar and the log cabin look. Then of course there are brands of this siding that is installed vertically and some that is installed horizontally giving you the ability to make your home look even more distinct.

Which To Choose
With so many colors and styles of vinyl siding to choose from the real problem is deciding which to choose. While those who like the log cabin look will have a pretty easy time choosing the siding they want, those who are looking at various color pallets may need a little time and a few trips to view the different colors up close and personal. One of the best ways to decide if a certain color or style of siding is right for you is to take note of those houses whose color or grain facades most appeal to you when you are out and about. Then try to imagine how that same color or style would look on your home.

One thing you might want to remember is that unless you have your heart set on a dark color then lighter colors retain less heat and your siding will be less likely to expand and sag or buckle. Also remember, that this is your home and the color and style of siding you chose should reflect your own taste and sense of style.


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