Velvet Chaise Lounge

The chaise lounge is one piece of furniture that has undergone a series of modifications since its creation back in eighteenth century France. From the very first model came modifications like the Recamier, the Duchesse Brisee, and the Meridienne. These days, a chaise lounge can also encompass various piece of outdoor furniture as well. Here are some differences between indoor and outdoor chairs.

The indoor chaise lounge is the most recognized type of these types of seats. The basic design for a chaise is an upholstered couch-looking piece of furniture which is really like an extended chair with at least a headrest and the ability for one to recline and elevate ones feet. Some chairs also have double headrests on either end, or armrests. Others yet come with separate, matching footstools.

The filling for an indoor chaise lounge resembles that of basically any upholstered furniture. The outside cover is where a piece really shines. Choose from various fabrics, including velvet. Leather and microsuede are two especially luxurious materials. In addition to the material, colors and patterns are endless. Solid, block color, Asian print, paisley, you name it. If you can think of it, it is probably already graced a chaise lounge at some point in time.

The original frames for the chaise lounge were made out of wood, though some used mainly for mobile use in armies were made from metal and folded up. Today, most indoor chaise lounge frames are still made from wood, some of which is ornately carved. There are also indoor chairs built from wrought iron and other metals, but they are not as easily portable as their predecessors. For indoor use, it is assumed that the chair will not be moved around very often, so weight and ease of movement are not of chief priority.

The outdoor chaise lounge is a bird of a different color and does not adhere as strictly to the notion of what a chaise lounge is really supposed to look like. In translation, the chaise longue simply means a long chair in French, and so applies to any number of outdoor recliners. Here is where the definition gets a little muddy. Arguably, the chaise lounge, the recliner, and the sun lounger are quite similar in design. The key parts are just the backrest and ability to lie nearly supine with legs above the ground.

These outdoor seats are made from a bevy of materials, but all of which have to be able to moderately withstand exposure to outside elements such as weather and temperature. Wood that has been treated and varnished will usually last a long time with the right amount of upkeep, as will metal. Wrought iron is elegant, but heavy, while aluminum is lighter and with a more modern aesthetic. Both are subject to rusting after enough time. Polywood and resin are plastics designed specifically for outdoor furniture.

They are durable, relatively inexpensive, and are often molded to resemble more expensive and traditional materials like wood and concrete. Wicker is also a lovely choice, but does not hold up as well when left completely exposed. Keeping your wicker chaise lounge beneath a covered porch or deck will keep it away from rain and too much direct sunlight. When it comes to overall design, the strap and sling are popular for cushion support.

As far as innovations, the zero gravity chair is built for maximum comfort and so its user can more fully relax without putting any extra pressure onto any part of the body, especially the seat.


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