Twin Captain Bed

A captains bed offers some of the most practical features and beautiful designs of any bed available today. The captain’s bed design has been around for many years and received its original design from ship builders of wooden ships who introduced it as a space saving bed for a captain’s quarters.

The original bed was probably no bigger than today’s twin size bed, if that large, but the popularity of the design caught on for home use and has continued for over a hundred years. Although always quite popular because of the storage space underneath the bed, the bed design has become even more popular within the last 10 years as many different sizes, styles, storage features and finishes have evolved.

There are 3 basic benefits to using a captain’s bed in any bedroom:

1. Provides a dresser underneath to store personal items
2. No need for any extra dressers or chests for storage
3. Offers huge storage options for small floor spaces

Many individuals and families have found that adding this storage bed to a bedroom has significantly made a difference in the ability to store a lot of items. They have also found that this type of bed can open up much needed floor space in a smaller bedroom.

Many Sizes Available
You can find a captain bed in any size that you need to fit just about any bedroom space in your home. There are twin size, full, queen and king size captains beds. No longer are these bed designs considered only for children or youth. Whether you’re looking for a twin size to put in your child’s room or you need a massive king size bed for your own bedroom, you can always find the size you need.

Styles for Everyone
While the original bed was designed with a nautical flavor, there are many other styles that can fit just about any home decor. There are cottage, mission, traditional, colonial and contemporary captains bed frames. You can also find novelty beds that are perfect for your child or youth. For example, they may enjoy an antique reproduction of the old captain bed or one that is finished to remind them of a cartoon or fairy tale character! Bunk beds and trundle beds are designed in the captain’s bed style that are great for youth and teen bedrooms as well. There are also beautiful, heirloom quality adult captains beds complete with additional bedroom furniture that make them worthy to pass down to the next generation.

Storage Features Galore
The storage features are what sets this bed apart from all others. You can find as little as 3 drawers along one side of a twin size bed or up to 14 drawers and compartments built into a queen or king storage bed. There are many different configurations of storage options that make this piece of bedroom furniture a super storage compartment right under your sleep space. You can even maximize your storage features by adding a headboard that offers two more drawers or a compartment within it as well. This would make a total of a whopping 16 drawers for storage in a queen or king size bed.

Beautiful Finishes
There are many types of finishes that make the captain bed charming and easy to blend in with any home decor. There are beds built in oak, pine, cherry, maple or other quality woods. There are also white and black beds that fit in with a more chic home decor style, if you prefer. And of course, there are children’s beds that are fnished in more whimsical designs and colors such as pink or blue.

Since there are so many variations of this type of bed available, be sure to compare quality, price and features before choosing your new bed. Remember, there is a captains bed for everyone that is sure to fit your individual lifestyle and home decor preferences.


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