Towel Heater

Consort Claudgen has long been a reputable company for heating products. The Consort Claudgen 500W towel rail lives up to the high standards that Consort set, the towel rail is the latest in the Consort range of bathroom heater.

The towel rail comes with a range of extra features that come as standard. Unlike other towel rails the Consort Claudgen towel rails comes complete with an electric thermostat to maintain the temperature of the towel rail and the room. This feature also comes with a full and half heat option, this means for hotter days you can turn on the half heat option to maintain the heat saving money and energy. Other features include a child safety lock.

One feature that makes the Consort Claudgen a leader in the towel rail market is the Pilot wire for connection to separate BMS, this means it is easy and cheap to connect the Consort towel rail to a wireless connector. Using a BMS you can connect series of heaters and maintain the heater through the house.

Consort Claudgen’s Ladder Towel Rail is a unique design and towel rail. Unlike other Ladder Towel Rails we have tried in the past the Consort Claudgen Ladder Towel Rail is highly effective at drying towels and keeping the bathroom warm.

Some of the issues with ladder towel rails is the lack of space for larger towel and how effective they are at drying. Many ladder towel rails will dry the towels below and not fully dry all towels. Another issue is the fact many towels focus all heated energy downwards (Thus the first issue of not all towels dryed.) meaning the room is not heated.

The Consort Claudgen Ladder Towel Rail is unique as it will not only dry the towels but heat the room as well. The Ladder Towel Rail was easy and very simple to fit as well. We had no problems in fitting and getting the Ladder Towel Rail up and heating. One of the key points we were impressed with was styling that has gone into the Ladder Towel Rail. Consort Claudgen have always been very aware that consumers want practicality and style rolled into one.

The Consort Claudgen Ladder Towel Rail with its chrome finish and modern form looked perfect in the bathroom adding a sense of luxury style. This is the ideal choice for luxury bathrooms or for any home with a large amount of towels to dry.

The main selling point has to be the wide range of features combined with the stylish design. The towel rail is not only reliable but it is durable for any knocks or falls that may happen to the Consort Claudgen towel rail. The Consort towel rail is also cheaper than its competitors, with better styling and design the Consort towel rail is a wise investment for business owners and residential users alike.

The Consort Claudgen 500W towel rail is available for purchase from visit to buy the Consort Claudgen 500W Towel Rail.


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