Shallow Wall Cabinet

A medicine cabinet may not seem like the focal point of a bathroom, but this one item can change the entire the look and feel of the room. The medicine cabinet is usually the only fixture positioned at eye level in this small room, meaning that it is normally the first place our eye goes […]

Wall Mounted Mailbox

It’s important that you look beyond the aesthetics, no matter what it looks like, it could be stylish and slim, or traditional and homely, at the end of the day if a criminal can open the storage bit then it really isn’t worth any more than rubbish. You want and demand peace and security so […]

Wall Guitar Hanger

If you’re reading this article, then surely you are sufficiently interested in the question of how it all – still possible to place the guitar properly and effectively. Moreover, if you came to the conclusion that guitar wall mount – one of the most rational options, then suggest that you familiarize yourself with the information […]

Wall Mounted Media Console

To avoid the clutter that most homes have due to their great number of furniture and unused house stuff, media storage takes one less clutter out of peoples mind as it stores home entertainment system materials such as DVDs, CDs and VHS, and these have been widely available in the market for some time. People […]

Wall Hung Toilet

As goes the name, wall hung toilets are the toilets mounted on the wall through projections. Designed by the Italian designer Antonio Citterio, their designs and style add to the fashion statement and elegance of the bathroom’s decor. Wall Hung Toilets can be easily used in both small space and large bathrooms. Wall Hung toilets […]

Kids Wall Decals

Require a method to liven up the decor in your children’s room without investing a supply and a leg? If that’s the case, you might like to consider kids wall decals. If you cannot remain the very thought of spending more income to redecorate due to your kid’s changing passions from year to year, after […]