Decorative Fireplace Screens

You can easily find information about many types of decorative fireplace screens designed to make your home that special welcoming place. With a wide variety of choices and manufacturers, fireplace screens will not only provide you with the safety that you need with an open fireplace but also add to the beauty and aesthetics of […]

Fireplace Mantel Ideas

Fireplace Mantel Shelf Your Mantel Questions Answered Here Here are some common questions people ask about their fireplace mantel shelf. Read through these FAQs and get answers to your questions. What materials are mantels often made of? The material of a fireplace mantel varies. Common materials include: * Wood * Marble * Stone Other materials […]

Natural Gas Ventless Fireplace

The use of ventless fireplaces has become very popular in new homes and when rehabbing older homes. The reasons for their popularity are many. The primary reasons though have to do with ease of installation and the flexibility that you get when you don’t have to worry about flues and chimneys. For multi-unit buildings such […]

Smokeless Fireplace

Do you realy feel just like one thing is “missing” in your house? Well, if it offers no fire component of any kind, then it undoubtedly is. Perhaps you feel like your overall interior decoration is simply too basic for one. Or, you have the idea that you need to have a contemporary theme to […]

Small Electric Fireplace Insert

Whenever an individual has an adult traditional fireplace, they are doing therefore because they love the direction they look, and perhaps they like warmth that comes from fireplace and quite often they desire a fireplace because they realize should they add a hearth to an existing house it’s going to include value to your residence. […]

Contemporary Fireplace Mantel Shelves

If you’d like to redecorate your family room, but feel constrained by the design of the hearth, give consideration to an innovative new fireplace mantel or mantel shelf. Incorporating a fireplace mantel shelf or replacing your existing shelf can revamp your hearth, giving a whole new feel to virtually any room. Kinds of Fireplace Mantel […]