Cork Underlayment

Over the years, cork tiles have become a preferred choice for builders and homeowners due to its numerous benefits. However, cork is not only being used as a direct flooring material, it is also popular as an underlayment for other flooring materials such as hardwood and bamboo. Since cork underlayment possesses the same properties of […]

Cork Wall Covering

Cork flooring underlayment, like the name implies is an underlayment prepared from cork. Cork flooring underlayment comes just from the tree’s bark and is not like hardwood flooring that’s made from the felled trees. No harm’s done to the tree during harvest as the bark is just peeled and grows back. Because of this environment-friendly […]

Cork Flooring And Dogs

In accordance with current quotes introduced in the usa, above 60 percent of households right here have your dog or a cat. When you have such pets your own house, you truly must be cautious regarding choices that you make as far as picking the right types of flooring is worried. While animals tend to […]

Cork Flooring Durability

One of the best advantages of cork floor coverings is dependant on its failure to conduct noise. If you need the slightest or no sound whatsoever in an area then cork floor coverings is actually for you. People have expressed their preference of cork floors because cork has insulation properties. It keeps your floors warm […]