Sweater Storage

With the coming of the cold weather, sweater becomes the “hero” in the new arriving season again, while a sweater or wool shirt without any decoration seems very dull and tasteless when matching with coats. However, a cute, shining or lady-like chain would exert its influence to solve this problem at this time definitely. With the charming embellishment on the neck, a joyful mood will generate from the deep of your heart.
A jewelry shop operator introduced that a few years ago, people were mainly using brooch to decorate their sweaters and coats, while recent years brooches are alternated by various sweater chains. Both the chain and long necklace can play their role on decoration, especial for those more simple and solid color knitting shirts or sweater. And as the population of the chain, whether from the types and design or from the style and materials, chains for sweaters are more exquisite, fashion and discerning than before.
Categories of the various chain can be divided into long and short, single layer multiple layer and combination ones (which can be worn individually or together), feathers, resin, acrylic, hand weaving, pearl, crystal, hollow and solid, lively, romantic and competent etc. can be found everywhere. Of different styles and materials, sweater chain really brings us hug surprise.
While chain of different materials would exhibit different beauty: the copper plated alloy chains matched with lager hang pendant are noble and ancient, which is the beat choose to decorate a sweater full of sense of designing; chains in a layer appearance which is attached with colorful stones through fine rope would show the cuteness and frank of young girl, they are “good friend” of casual sweater; with a little sense of dim and sentimental, the chain made with shells releasing its fine and ritzy luster are good for business wearing; shining crystal sweater chains are the never out-of-date ones in the chain family, which give us a sense of elegance, which smarting styling , they tends to give us big surprise and would be the best to match with deep color sweater.
In terms of design, you can see every popular element as soon as you can think about appeared on the chain. The Korea style chain focuses more on the sense of lady, cute and romantic, thus cartoon models will frequently show their clues among the design elements, such as chains with rhinestone bear, butterfly and small elephant pendants are beloved by the consumers; and chains with double heart shape pendant full of love sense are “categorizing” themselves on the sweet route to give us refreshing feeling.
Recent years, the retro trends restore the fashion industry; therefore the sweater chain is in the storm ad well. The shape of the audio tape which is gradually withdrawing from the market can be seen as an ornament decorate wearing or furnishings, and they let us recall the good old days. Chains with the shape of camera with distinguished stripes will not drive people to put it down, which would bring us nostalgic feeling definitely.
Surely the trades would not just think about the decorative role of chains, for office staffs, sweater chain can be functional as well. Take the crystal bear chain for example, inside its shining appearance is a minimum storage, thus the chain plays double roles of decorating clothe and bringing convenient usage; some long multiple layer sweater chain can be used as bracelets in summer, some can be used as brooch independently for different occasions.
Even in the dark tone dominated autumn and winter, sweater chain can be still be perfect chooses to add your seasons bright colors!


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