Stair Carpet Rods

Why buy stair carpets and what should I consider when looking for stair carpets?

Uncarpeted stairs can be slippery. Fitting stair carpets can make your staircase much safer by providing more grip. It also has the added allowing you to customise your stairs, giving you the chance to choose an ornate or decorative design to make it all look that bit more attractive.

There is a wide variety of stair carpets on offer, so first it is important to decide what you are looking for. Do you have good quality underlying floorboards? If so, you may wish to get a carpet which does not cover the whole width of your stairs but leaves the wood of the treaders and risers open to view. This gives a rustic, country style feel – especially when offset with ornamental stair rods – and also saves on carpet material.

Also, if in doubt go for a more hard-wearing material. Staircases get more punishing footfall than other areas of your home so stair carpets should be made from durable fibres which stand up to heavy use. Nylon carpets stand up well to continued use, with such polypropylene, polyamide and various blends giving you that hard-wearing solution.

What designs should I look out for?

Plain or Berber stair carpets are a popular option, given their heavy-duty constitution and simplistic design. There is such a wide variety of single-dye designs on offer, it is very easy to coordinate your carpet with the colour scheme of your staircase. You cannot go wrong with one of these subtle materials.

If you are a fan of a country-style, traditional look then you would probably prefer stair carpets to be made from natural material. There are plenty of designs which simply use natural fibres such as Seagrass, Sisal and Coir, which are sourced from all over the world. They are versatile, looking at home in a country retreat or a trendy city centre apartment.

Stripey stair carpets may be your preference if you are a fan of a more contemporary look or a bolder style. These can range from delicate pinstripes to striking, bold designs. With hundreds of colour schemes available, it is up to you whether your stairs are adorned with and understated, classic carpet or a more funky design. Whatever your personal taste, there are hundreds of designs and custom colour schemes you can choose from.


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