Simmons Beautysleep

We all know about Beautyrest, with the bowling ball commercials and what not, but what about Simmons BeautySleep? What makes a Simmons BeautySleep mattress special?

BeautySleep has only nine models, three at each of three levels. At the bottom level, there are three different options, a firm, a plush, and a euro top. All have a high performance coil system, border wire edge support, and standard padding. At, these mattresses are all called the Admire. One step up is called the Cold Lake, and it comes in a firm, a plush, and a better Simmons BeautySleep Euro top. These mattresses also have the high performance coil system and standard padding, but also have foam encased edge support. This means that the edge is more durable, and more comfortable to sleep on and sit on. The warranty on the Cold Lake mattresses is 10 years, full replacement, up from the 5 year warranty on the Admire products. Finally, if you want the best Simmons BeautySleep plush, check out the Applaud, also available in firm and pillow top. This series of mattresses has the same coil system, warranty, and foam encased edge support as the Cold Lake. The Applaud beds also have a layer of memory foam, making them the most durable and pressure relieving BeautySleep mattresses. They are truly a bargain for the quality, and offer great feels and supports at a truly phenomenal price.

A new BeautySleep mattress is ideal for any guest room, child’s room, or even master bedroom, for those who want a great quality, economical bed. They are throwbacks to how beds were made 30 years ago: no frills, comfortable, and built to last. If you’re tired of comparing unnecessary features and just want a plain, traditional bedding choice, Simmons BeautySleep is the way to go. All mattresses will fit into regular sheets, they won’t be hard to get onto or off of, and they will offer firm support for years to come. Check out the specifications of each BeautySleep mattress at, and read reviews from other customers on their BeautySleep purchase. And remember, if it’s made by Simmons, be it a BeautySleep, BeautyRest, or Comforpedic, it’s built to last, and built for sleep.


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