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Getting through a long workday can be a drag. Sometimes you actually feel like you are literally dragging yourself around all day. You wake up, pour coffee down your throat, and wander around for half the morning in a zombie-like daze.

And even after you make it through your daily work grind, there are still plenty of different chores to take care of. You have to get dinner ready, take care of the kids, clean the house, and try to find some time to relax.

Sometimes you feel like the only way you can get through your day is by getting a proper night’s sleep. But why is it that you are often exhausted even after getting a full eight hours in? In many cases, eating better and getting regular exercise can help. However, in some instances, the problem can actually be the quality of your mattress.

A poor mattress can aggravate existing aches and pains and even create entirely new ones. That is the last thing you need when you are just trying to get through the day. Get the rest you need and deserve with on of these Serta Perfect Sleeper mattresses.

Serta Perfect Sleeper “Bountiful” Super Pillowtop Twin Mattress

The Bountiful from Serta is a great mattress with many fabulous features to help you get the rest that you need. This product does not come with a box spring, but that is actually because it doesn’t require one. The Bountiful is designed specifically to be used with platform beds, so you don’t have to worry about any box spring at all.

One of the shining features of the Bountiful is its use of Outlast Technology. Oftentimes, people don’t get a good night of sleep because they just can’t get to the right body temperature. They end up tossing and turning all night, kicking the covers off, pulling them back up, turning on the AC, and then opening the windows an hour later.

Outlast Technology strives to solve that common issue. It helps to regulate your sleeping temperature by balancing out the natural temperature fluctuations that the human body goes through while at rest. While you build up heat, the mattress itself can absorb it and help to keep you perfectly calm and cool.

Serta Perfect Sleeper “Daylight” Pillowtop Queen Mattress Set

Of course, not every individual has a platform bed. You might prefer a mattress and box spring for a little bit of extra height off of the ground. The Daylight mattress set from Serta is a fantastic purchase for more traditional bed frames.

On top of the aforementioned Outlast Technology, the Daylight model by Serta has additional aspects that make it a phenomenal mattress. The top layer of this mattress is made from an Advanced Comfort Quilt.

Serta has patented the exceptional Comfort Quilt layer that utilizes peaks and valleys of fluffed-up fibers and convoluted foam. The idea behind this design is to gently cushion the sleeper’s entire body.

The Advanced Comfort Quilt isn’t the only thing that makes the Daylight a delight. Like all of Serta’s mattresses, this model utilizes Fireblocker technology. Fire safety is an important issue, especially when you are sleeping. Many people worry that they or their family members might not wake up in time to escape to safety. But the Fireblocker technology that Serta equips all of their mattresses with utilizes an exceptional open-flame resistance system. This could be just the thing to buy you and your loved ones extra time to get out of the house in the event of a fire.

Serta Perfect Sleeper “Enamour” Eurotop Split Queen Mattress Set

The Enamour from Serta is by far one of the most exceptional mattresses in their entire line. It has the previously addressed Advanced Comfort Quilt and Fireblocker technology, but much, much more as well.

For one, the Enamour helps to maximize comfort by way of a Continuous Support Innerspring. Rows of nonstop coils run all the way from your head down to your toes. This allows you to feel support all over. The center even uses double rows so that the heavier part of your body achieves maximum support. In all, this mattress has a total coil count of 532.

Do you ever find yourself rolling off to the side of a mattress and nearly falling down onto the floor? In some cases, you might actually end up down there! This is because the edges of many mattresses lack support. But the Enamour uses Total Edge Foam Encasement so that the edges have extra strength. This helps to increase your sleeping surface by up to 20 percent!

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to being a productive member of society. Stop depriving yourself of the edge you need to succeed. Get the quality rest you need with a Serta Perfect Sleeper.

Getting through a long workday can be a drag. Sometimes you actually feel like you are literally dragging yourself around all day. You wake up, pour coffee down your throat, and wander around for half the morning in a zombie-like daze.


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