Seeded Glass Pendant Light

There are all sorts of options available to you when it comes to lighting your home. From ceiling lights and wall sconces, to table and floor lamps and chandeliers, you are really spoilt for choice. The solution to good home lighting is a combination of lights bright enough so you can do everything you need without straining your eyes, but also soft enough to create a relaxing ambience.

Use a mix of ceiling and wall lights to get the effect you want. Ceiling lights are the most important light fixture in any room and come in many different varieties. Elegant, modern recessed lights, flush and semi flush ceiling lights and pendant lights – which you choose will depend on the look you want to achieve and factors such as the height of your ceiling.

Pendant lighting is the most commonly used for ceiling lights in homes, they cast direct light or diffuse light and as they hang from the ceiling you need to ensure your ceilings are high enough. Buy contemporary pendant lights in classic white glass, stylish satin silver finishes with clear glass, bowl metal pendants in gloss black and brushed aluminium, clear, white, opal and black glass – you can practically find any style and design you wish online.

For traditional designs then check out the Fisherman Pendant Light in satin silver and antique brass complete with seeded glass, and the American Diner finished in antique brass with clear ribbed translucent glass diffuser. Or the Dulverton Lantern, a traditional lantern in antique brass finish or polished brass, and the Linear Pendant light, a satin silver chain suspension pendant with a modern twist centre and frosted dome glass diffuser, also available in antique brass.

Track lights can be moved around so if you want to change the focus or place attention on another area of the room then these are ideal. They allow you to have light where it is needed the most and are a flexible option. You can also use them to highlight a particular piece of art or other focal point.

Flush ceiling lights are ideal for low ceilings as they leave no space between the ceiling and the fixture’s diffuser. Enormously popular they come in an assortment of finishes including polished brass, satin steel, satin brass and elegant white, you can also use more than one to produce a creative pattern on a high ceiling. Semi flush lighting fixtures protrude slightly and generate a soft indirect light which is reflected off the ceiling. They’re a great alternative for high ceilings.

Wall sconces can bring extra light to the darker areas in your home, use them to light up your hallways and entrance areas and stairwell for safety, a brighter look and as an attractive feature. Sconces aren’t the only option these days for wall lights, there are various lighting fixtures that can do the job just as effectively in a range of modern, contemporary and traditional styles. Check out the contemporary range available in frosted or white glass and stainless steel finishes. Or go for the modern halogen spotlight effect in clear glass, antique chrome and polished brass.

A wall wash fixture directs light onto the wall, a popular type is a general downlight that incorporates a reflector and a fixed scoop or eyelid that directs light toward the wall. Picture lights are a great way to draw attention to your paintings and other artwork, chrome, black or brass finishes, oblong shapes and adjustable ball joint head.

If there just seems to be too much to take in then don’t panic, help is at hand. An Online Lighting Store can give you advice and assistance in choosing the right kind of lighting options for your home and budget. Specialists can assist with the selection, design and installation so make use of them and their invaluable advice. Do some research beforehand to get an idea of what designs you like and think about if the light is for decorative purposes or as a main light source. By narrowing the field of choices down, you will find the whole selecting process much easier. Choosing your lights should be fun, so enjoy yourself!


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