Restoration Hardware Sideboard

Filled with warmth and a feel from the past, antiques offer an elegance not found in modern woodcrafts.

Locating a prized table or sideboard is a wonder that will be treasured for years. More importantly, selecting a company that will take the proper steps in restoration will guarantee your piece will shine with a presence of its original state.

It takes a skilled and experienced artisan to restore antiques. Not everyone possesses the deep appreciation for fine furniture and how to bring out the best in the appearance. Understanding how different processes affect wood is crucial in restoration. Companies that are experts in the field will spend hours in sanding and staining. Protecting fine furniture by hand rubbing between several coats of clear-coat lacquers is also essential in delivering the exact luster required.

Many fine antique furniture restorers will offer finished wood products for sale in showrooms where the selection can introduce one to different styles and unique designs never seen before. The bedroom is a perfect place to create the majestic feel of royalty with a French Satinwood Inlaid Carved Louis XV or a huge French Provincial Bedroom Vanity Mirror that delivers a statement of quality design and historical significance.

Antique pieces that require reupholstering also need expert hands in proper placement of padding and material, secured with hardware that closely resembles the original item. Quality fabrics and leather need to be used to assure years of perfect color and wear. A faded upholstered chair can diminish the look of a fine chair or loveseat.

Hand carved mirror and picture frames can further enhance a room with the exquisite detail of golden swirls and tiny floral details that outline a perfect print. Many frames can become tarnished and collect dirt over time but the restoration process of patient artisans can bring an antique frame back to life.

Whether you have an antique that needs restored or want to own a finished designer piece, choosing a company that specializes in the process of antique restoration is one that needs to be checked out carefully. Not every company has the ability to put the time and care into creating a work of art. Carrocel Restorations of Markham, Ontario has been serving the needs of antique lovers since 1983. They have a dedicated crew of artisans that take pride in each finished product and follow as many as 25 steps in finishing each antique, as if it were their own.

You can learn more about Carrocel Restorations by visiting the website at to contact for an estimate for your piece. A 7,500 square foot showroom is also open for your browsing pleasure of timeless pieces and suites. Open weekdays and Saturdays, an antique specialist is always onsite to answer any questions or concerns.


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