Regal Bar Stools

While the benefits of having kitchen bar stools in your home are well documented, maybe the biggest attraction is how customizable they are. Not only can you choose the material, you can also choose to have an upholstered seat or not, an adjustable height, swivelling, arms and more. One part of your stool that may prove to be the most important is the presence of a back. You may think you know which style of bar stool you want in your home, but you might change your mind after reading the following pros and cons.


The most popular argument in favour of backs on kitchen bar stools is one of comfort. If you are planning on using bar stools throughout your home, it helps to have the most comfortable styles possible, and it can’t really be argued that backless bar stools are more comfortable than ones with backs. If you want people to feel welcomed in your home and you want to provide the most comfortable seating possible, you have to provide backs on your bar stools. In addition to comfort, many people say that bar stools that have backs are more attractive. The backing on a bar stool can be made of wood, metal or a bit of both. They can add an extra degree of elegance, sophistication and class. They can also add a regal air to any room they are put into. Although backs do add extra weight, some would say that kitchen bar stools with backs are easier to carry around and move from room to room since you have extra places to put your hands. The final point that many people make is that bar stools with backs is simply more formal and allow for more and varied uses than ones without backs.


Bar stools with backs significantly limit the number of stools you can have in a confined space. If you live in a flat or a home that has limited room, you will be able to fit in more stools if they don’t have backs. Stools without backs are also safer since any swivelling action won’t include a back that is swung around. Backless bar stools are lighter and can be moved around by anyone, including kids. Many people would also say that backless kitchen bar stools are also easier to get on and get off of since you don’t have a backing blocking you. Backless bar stools are often less expensive, also since there is less raw material to deal with. Backless stools are also more traditional looking, so if you are planning on opening up your own basement bar, you will have a classic bar look with backless stools. Finally, backless stools are perfect for the big game since you can have more uninterrupted sight lines with backless stools than you would otherwise.

The arguments for and against kitchen bar stools with backs are compelling. No mater which side you fall on, there can be no denying that bar stools provide more decorating options for less than any other option out there.


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