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Whether your roof is damaged or you are just renovating to breathe new life into your home, choosing the right roof color has for long been a challenging task. But since February this year, many a homeowner are enjoying more flexibility when choosing the right roof color for their homes – thanks to Owen Corning’s (NYSE:OC) newly expanded Oakridge color palette which gives you a myriad of inspiring selections.

About Oakridge’s New Color Palette

Launched early Feb 2013, the brand new collection of artisan colors is a unique blend of artistry and craftsmanship that is sure to bring out the inner beauty of your home. This new collection is exclusively available in the Oakridge line and comprises of five distinctive colors, each inspired by nature’s beauty in different regions of our country. The new versatile colors are: twilight black, sand castle, aged cedar, flagstone and peppermill gray. These are of course additions to the ever expansive Oakridge’s stock which previously comprised of: desert tan, estate gray, sierra gray, brown wood, Shasta white, teak, chateau green, driftwood and onyx black.

Each of these newly introduced, laminated shingles has a warm, inviting look that will give your home anything but an ordinary look. Grays and blacks are warm and solid; earth tones add the goodness of Mother Nature, adding life to your entire home. These well-thought out shingles not only feature popular colors but they are durable and algae resistant. All boast wind resistance warranty of 110/130 – mph. What’s more, they come with limited lifetime warranty which ensures that you enjoy adequate shelter for as long as you own your home. The Shasta White shingles meets Energy Star requirements for the American Taxpayers relief of 2012.

Product Specs In Brief

Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Wind Resistance: 110/130 MPH***

Algae Resistance: 10 years

Exposure: 5-5/8′

Nominal Size: 13-1/4’X39-3/8

Shingles Per Square: 64

Bundles Per Square: 3

Coverage Per Square: 94.4 sq. ft

Shasta White color Energy Star ratings are – reflectance of 0.25 and 3 year aged reflectance of 0.15.

To develop each of these leading shades, the Owens Corning roofing company joined hands with Asphalt team to do pretty good research. They gathered data from a sample of owners from different parts of the country. Besides that, they took direction from historical color data trend. The resulting breed of colors is uniquely designed to provide an awe-inspiring blend of craftsmanship, with particular emphasis on regional color preference.

How to pick the right roof color for your home

Choosing the appropriate color for your roof depends on a variety of things that include the colors used by your neighbors, the location of your house and the interior look of your house. Owens Corning new line of colored shingles is definitely a must get if you want to highlight the features of your house.


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