Marble Dining Table

A bustling family should not force you to compromise on chic design for functional furniture. Sometimes, all that you need is a genuine designer piece to furnish your room with. Saarinen Dining Table is one such beautiful piece of furniture that not only makes your room look royal but can also be passed down to your children in the time to come. This table is designed by Finnish-American architect and designer Eero Saarinen. His iconic dining table design is easily recognized by its very unique feature. The table features a single column stemming from a curved base that supports a round or oval table top. As you know, every master piece is an attraction and everyone wants to gain a profit out of it. The Saarinen Dining Table is one such master piece that has been replicated and is out there in the market. How do you differentiate? You need to look for some specific features, and to your delight we have made your work easy. We have found out what to look for and shared with you, read on to find out

Inspect the Table Top and Pedestal Base
A genuine Saarinen Dining Table comes with table top and a base, each made with two different materials. The base is made of heavy molded cast aluminum that is covered with a thick protective coating called rilsan. The rilsan comes in white, black or platinum. The table top is beautifully crafted from either of the material -laminate, wood veneer, natural granite, or coated or natural marble in a wide range of colors. If either the table top or the base is made of plastic, then it is definitely not a genuine Saarinen Dining Table.

Table Top Made of Arabescato Marble
Closely inspect the marble used for the table top. Especially, if the table top is finished with white marble, check for the grey vein pattern on it. This is original Arabescato marble, common choice for a SaarinenDining table. In order to replicate the look, cheaper marbles like Carrara marble is used. Though both the marbles look similar you can easily differentiate them from the grey vein pattern. The grey pattern on the Carrara marble looksfuzzier, since the grains of the marble are of low quality. Hence, you definitely know these are not the genuine ones that you are looking for.

Inspect the Joint of the Base and the Table Top
The original Saarinen table screws down onto a single threaded rod on the top of the base. There should be no visible screws between the top and the base. In order to check, you have to inspect the area of the table where the pedestal base meets the table top.

Measure the Dining Table
Saarinen dining tables are uniform. Each table is of the same measurement. So when you are buying do not for to check. Both the round table and the table should measure 28 ¼ inches high. The oval dining tables, measure the tabletop at the two widest points of the oval. The measurements are 78 inches by 47 ¾ inches or 96 inches by 54 inches. The round design comes in five sizes; the different diameters are -35 ¾ inches, 42 ½ inches, 47 ¼ inches, 54 inches and 60 inches. Failing these sizes of measurement the table is not an original Saarinen Dining table.

Hope this piece of information was of great help. You can now definitely buy the original Saarinen Dining Table and boast of it.


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