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A Velux loft conversion is often considered the quickest, easiest, cheapest approach to converting a loft space simply because it’s the least ‘invasive’. Velux is the name of the company that produces these most recognized windows that are used to add light into an attic space, but technically they’re just skylights or rooflights. These are the windows that you could easily mistake for solar panels if at a glance – but the change they make inside a house is quite dramatic! They are the perfect choice for a house that has a high roof cavity that just needs light.
In these times of belt-tightening, not many people have piles of cash to throw around, but need to convert an attic into a useable room to allow their house to grow with the family. While dormer or mansard conversions offer more headroom by building new walls and ceiling, they come at a much higher price; a Velux conversion is perfect if your loft already has a fair amount of headroom.
Fitting a window into the line of the roof, without making any structural changes, means there is very little disruption in the actual roof conversion, meaning that the man hours will be spent on the completion of your new room, and, for the most part, they don’t need planning permission.
By having a Velux loft conversion you save time because the changes made are minimal: no chance of problems because of bad weather as it can be done in a matter of hours. Obviously, not building new external walls and ceilings saves a lot of time!
Lack of planning permission (though you should always check this with the local authority!) and minimum changes to your home mean that getting light into your new loft conversion is far cheaper than if you had to build new walls and ceilings to add headroom that you otherwise don’t have.
As they follow the line of the room, Velux windows allow light to flood in, which is fab in spring and autumn, but can make a room very hot in summer and maybe too bright at night. Of course there are custom-fitted blinds that counter this problem, but will add another cost to your loft conversion. Some of the blinds on the market have thermal silver backing, which keep the heat in during winter and keep it out during summer.

Getting a Velux loft conversion means you are able to put your funds into doing up your loft conversion – maybe by adding a bathroom where you might not have been able to afford one if you’d had to spend your hard-earned cash on a mansard or dormer conversion.


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