Lighted Medicine Cabinet

One of the most important rooms in the house is the bathroom for a variety of different reasons, mostly personal. It needs to be kept clean, bacteria free and smelling of something sweet or floral. Bathroom mirrors should be clear and sinks should be free of grime or dirt.

Soaps and detergents used to clean this room should be strong enough to kill the germs and bacteria that love to grow in this room. The moisture in the air after a hot shower promotes and encourages the growth of mold in several places. This is something that should be looked for and eliminated immediately.

You can design this room in many different ways, any way you desire. You can use a variety of wallpapers, with any design you like. Some patterns will come with matching accessories, such as soap holders and trash cans. Lighted background mirrors with LED lights are very popular today. The flooring you choose should be able to withstand water and excess moisture.

There should be special concentration on the lighting in this room. Dim lighting will not give a good representation of how clean you are or how you look before you venture out to do your thing. You will spend some amount of time in front of the mirror and you will need to be able to see yourself. Consider adding extra lighting fixtures if you think the overhead is too harsh or the lights that you have are too dim. Better lighting in this room will aid in cleaning and inspecting.

Most of these rooms will have a medicine cabinet or closet for personal affects. There is at least one toilet, sink and bathtub or shower stall in every modern bathroom. There are smaller half-baths that do not offer shower services and only have a toilet and sink.

For the products that we use on a daily or regular basis and then have to replace, we must have a waterproof area to store them. They should be kept off the ground, if possible and safe under the sink in the cabinet or in a closet, if the room has one. Extra towels and other products are also usually kept in a closet.

Most people do not realize that a home will not pass inspection without a working bathroom fan. The room must have proper ventilation to prevent bacterial growth and to keep it from smelling bad. The use of chemicals can sometimes make a window or some other kind of ventilation an absolute must. The room can be made comfortable with lighted bathroom mirrors and sanitary with regular cleanings.


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