Kitchenaid Shredder Attachment

We have and cherish a Kitchen help i purchased 25 years ago. I was maybe not probably part with this device — with all its potato chips and aesthetic wear. It is often a faithful workhorse and one of my many prized belongings. We just bought “new” because my boy requested myself for my old one. Here are my other observations:

1. I also added the sausage stuffer to my purchase (could this be employed to fill eclairs? We wonder….) as an addition to my collection of add-ons. Currently the accessory I prefer most often may be the shredder that we use exclusively for shredding cheese for pizza pie and casseroles like lasagna.

2. I like to imagine purchasing something as soon as, like KitchenAid, deploying it for lifelong, after which bequeathing it within my will. I actually do not expect things I purchase to ever break, or if perhaps they do, they must be repairable, in place of disposable.

3. It is suggested additionally purchasing the frozen dessert maker accessory for another fifty dollars or so. We have had a lot of enjoyment crafting unusual flavors like green tea extract and ginger.

4. We have mainly simply made loaves of bread, but additionally used it for dessert, gingerbread, and whipped lotion. It had no issue with any one of those, when I anticipated.

5. I have had this model for around 4-5 many years. Before we purchased this I’d a 5-quart KitchenAid Artesian mixer that I got for a marriage present in 1992. We have always baked loads. I will make dual batches of pumpkin bread, desserts or snacks without any problem and become carried out in a shorter time with less fuss.

6. My machine performs magnificently. I frequently make whole-wheat pizza pie dough (with included bran, germ and important grain gluten) sufficient for 3 pizzas within machine at one time. The equipment does not whine or miss a beat through the lengthy kneading procedure. We have also prepared enough dough for three whole-wheat baguettes previously without a challenge.

Caught up within the excitement of the brand-new, stunning machine I was encouraged to purchase the pasta roller accessory on the basis of the fantastic reviews. The equipment has now been in my kitchen for a complete 12 months. Despite the fact that I provide a workout each and every day roughly with wholegrain bread it is still going powerful. If you cook, get good gear. Searching back, i possibly could kick myself for making me therefore miserable when you look at the home with cheap stuff. Might enjoy cooking because of the right gear. Plus cooking endeavors will prove it for you.


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