Jennifer Convertibles Sofa Bed

A sofa bed can function as a couch and a bed. This type of bed is good for limited space or when needing a bed for a guest. During the day, you can fold it up and it functions as a couch. It also comes with three pillows to hide the bed. Some people are hesitant to buy a sofa bed because of not knowing where to buy one or have trouble with selecting the right bed. Jennifer convertibles are one of many stores that have a large selection of contemporary furniture and sofa beds.

There are different factors to consider when buying a sleeper sofa, such as the number of people using it, sheet size and size of the room. A small room may not accommodate a queen size bed, but could be the right fit for a full size or twin bed. It helps to know this information in advance before shopping or making a purchase.

Fabric is another concern when choosing a sleeper sofa. If you are putting it in the living room or den, then you may want the bed to match the decor of the room. Sleeper sofa comes in a variety of colors and styles, such as solids, plaids, stripes or floral.

Shoppers need to check the legs and frame of the sleeper. It helps to lift the sleeper up and look at the opposite side. The legs should be screwed in properly. The frame should be made of wood with glue and corner blocks. Shoppers want to avoid buying sofas with stapled, nailed or unbraced joints. There is the possibility of the joints wobbling or becoming loose.

Shoppers can test out the firmness or softness by sitting on it before leaving the store. You want to sit on the end and center cushions to check for comfort. The plan is to lie down on it the after purchasing it from the store. It helps to lie on the sofa before buying it from the store. The sleeper should be as comfortable as lying on a sofa.

Shopping for a new sofa bed can be very involved. You want to purchase a piece of furniture that is attractive and comfortable at the same time. It also helps to look inside of the sofa to check for quality. After removing the pillows, you should only see a smooth and upholstered surface. If you see wood, then you want to look at another piece of furniture. Store associates are on hand to help with finding the best sofa bed for your home.


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