How To Build A Propane Fire Pit Table

While having a wide variety of different kitchen designs available to you during your remodeling or new-build phase may seem helpful at first, the kitchen is one of the most frequented rooms for any residence, which ultimately makes all the more challenging to pick from all the different choices. We hope to make this process more convenient for you by narrowing down some of the industry leading ideas on how to decorate a kitchen.

One of the most popular ideas on how to decorate a kitchen is to take it all outdoors! Outdoor kitchen designs have certainly become a very popular home decorating must-have in the last five or ten years. What is so exciting about outdoor living now is how you can bring most of your regular kitchen accessories outside for a real outdoor kitchen. Years ago, the kitchen was located in a separate house beside the main house. Now, you can enjoy outdoor living from cooking, living, sleeping, and even showering, believe it or not, in the great outdoors!

Of course your first thought for outdoor kitchen designs will be something to cook your food on, in, or over for your meals. You may be thinking about a BBQ grill and that is normally every ones first choice. Grills work great outside and can choose a gas or propane grill, or an actual fire grill that cooks with wood. Yet your choices do not end there. You may also want a fireplace, a fir pit, or even a pizza oven for an immensely popular treat for guests.

After you decide on you cooking appliance, you will need to think about ideas on how to decorate a kitchen such as your table or counter top. Many people use a counter top with storage space underneath. Thus, you get a place to eat, an area to prepare your food, and storage space all in one convenient place. Obviously it goes without saying that you need waterproof materials for all of your outdoor kitchen designs.

This means your choice of materials is stainless steel, concrete, brick, waterproof wood such as red wood, and outdoor plastic. Do not use tile because tile is very slippery when wet. Concrete is an excellent choice and can be cleaned very easily with water and maybe a little bit of mild, soapsuds, if necessary. Another good choice of material is stone. Stone is a natural outdoor material and it really looks at home in your outdoor living space.

A nice addition to your new kitchen area would be a top, or ceiling. This will make your outside space accessible even in wet weather, or really hot weather. But one word of caution: Do not place a top over your BBQ grill or fire pit. The smoke will have nowhere to go but up and if a roof blocks the smoke, it will hang around the kitchen. While it may be a little of inconvenience, keep the cooking area in the open air. Outdoor kitchen designs still work great, even with the “stove” spaced a little way away from the rest of the kitchen.


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