Horsetail Plant Care

There are a number of cosmetics available on the market that claim to offer a wide range of benefits, some even saying that they are the ones that can defy the ageing process. The industry sells millions of them every year, with a number willfully endorsed by celebrities who claim it is part of their daily routine. However have you ever considered what you are using? It is worth knowing what are in these products and why you may prefer to use natural skin care products.

The problem is that a large amount of beauty products on the market are acidic. This disrupts the ph balance and over time can have a harmful effect. Effectively this is the opposite of what people want to achieve!

There are also other concerns to consider when choosing your cosmetic products. How can you be sure what is in the jar that you are buying? There are a number of preservatives that are used and it is not always obvious what these are made from. Others contain alcohol that can irritate and burn. For vegetarians and vegans it is vital that any ingredients are not made from animal products. It is better to look for products with essential oils and plant extracts that can absorb oils, moisturise and help heal wounds.

Alkaline cosmetics can help with a number of conditions such as psoriasis and neurodermtitis. It increases a process that normally occurs in the body. This process helps eliminate the dead cells and forms a protective layer and the right product can accelerate this process.

There are a number of beneficial ingredients such as plant extracts and essential oils and these all have useful effects. For example jojoba oil can be absorbed quickly, while mauve can be very effective for healing wounds. Other ingredients add moisture to the skin or work as astringents.

Other examples of natural skin care include alkaline cleansing milk. This is used to stimulate and can also be used as an effective make up remover and is suitable for any type, thanks in part to ingredients such as soothing peppermint and astringents such as horsetail. It is worth looking online for more information on this type of cosmetics.


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