High Arc Kitchen Faucet

With all the different brands, styles, finishes and prices of faucets out there, it can be difficult to decide on the right one for you. We are not going to look at the different brands or the prices, but instead, we are going to look at a few styles to choose from. Function should come first as you can find the right finish and brand once you know what you must have in your faucet.

There are many different types of kitchen faucets out there from the pull out kitchen faucets to the single handle kitchen faucets. Some are even a combination of these two styles. Understanding the different options you want is the first step in narrowing down your selection for a new kitchen faucet.

The Most Common Features

1. A Sprayer

Nearly every type of kitchen faucet comes with some type of sprayer. You can get a pull out kitchen faucet, which the neck actually pulls out about 2-3 feet and acts as your sprayer. They are designed with a button to allow you to go back and forth from the sprayer to the normal water flow as you need to and they are very convenient.

You can also get a traditional side sprayer or a pull down sprayer, which is more like what you would see in a restaurant. These three are all great choices and depending on the sink and the design of your kitchen, one may work better than the other may.

2. Touch or Motion Technology

Another feature you may want to consider is touch or motion sensor technology. When you are working with meats, vegetables, fruits and other foods, your hand get dirty and you have to touch the handle to start the water. This is not very convenient, but add touch technology and you can bump the faucet with your arm to get the water started.

This helps to eliminate the spread of germs from one person to another or from your dirty hands touching the knobs to your clean hands touching them again. If you want to step it up a little further, you can add a motion sensor faucet, which will turn on as soon as you wave your hands in front of the sensor. Either way, the water will flow without you touching the actual knobs and you will help stop the spread of germs, while conserving water in your kitchen.

3. High-Arc

High-Arch faucets have become very popular because of how easy they are to use. They allow you to fill large pots or other basins with ease. Yes, a sprayer can also allow this, but you have to hold the sprayer and hold the button down. A kitchen faucet with a high-arc design allows you to fill large pots without all the trouble.

Choosing the Right Faucet

There are many faucets to choose from and you want to make sure you get the right one. This is not very hard if you read a few reviews and find the features you really prefer. Make sure you look at faucets that will last the longest from top brand names or you will just be replacing it again in a few years.


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