Hardy Plank Siding

Hardy Plank siding is often considered as a better choice than the wood and vinyl siding when constructing your home. Hardie plank siding is highly durable in nature and has the look and feel similar to wood. It is also resistant to the harsh weather conditions and doesn’t face the common problems that are found with the traditional vinyl and wood products. Using the Hardie Plank siding enhances the value of your home, thereby earning you a better return on investment.

Some of the important reasons why it is better to have Hardie plank siding than other products liken vinyl or wood for your home are as follows:

Doesn’t crack or rot easily

Often homes are subject to wear and tears easily if they are exposed to extreme humidity levels and fluctuating weather conditions and temperatures as in certain geographic locations. When your home is built in wood, it warps and rots whereas vinyl can crack and become thin over time. These materials also decay over time as they trap in the moisture which leads to the compromise in the quality and structural integrity of a home.

But the Hardie plank siding is a material that is resistant to such impacts and wont warp or rot easily. It also does not crack when exposed to the harsh climatic conditions. Hence it lasts for a long period of time than the other materials like vinyl or wood and also requires little maintenance and repairs compared to the other siding types. Not only it is durable but also known to hold paint well for a longer time and makes cleaning easy. This further cuts down on the maintenance costs throughout the life of the product.

Extremely fire-resistant

Vinyl siding is known to melt away rapidly when it is exposed to fire and flames. The smoke emerging when vinyl melts is very dangerous and toxic to us. Even wood burns quickly when there is a fire in the house. But hardie plank siding is extremely safe as it is resistant to fire. Using this when constructing your home guarantees the total safety of your family when, a fire breaks out in the house. It also helps in reducing the cost of a homeowner’s insurance based on your insurance policy.

Cannot be damaged by termites

One of the major causes of degradation of homes is due to the damages by termites. It is quite a tough process to completely eliminate the infestation of termites in your home or fix the damage caused by these organisms. It is also expensive to fix the damages caused by termites. Hardie plank siding is made from fibre cement and hence cannot be damaged by the termite infestations. It adds another protection layer to your home to make it durable and long lasting.

The main priority of a homeowner is to safeguard their home from possible hazards and protect the investment made on their house. Hence hardie plank siding are the best choice when looking for factors like safety, value and longevity of the house. They outweigh the other siding materials like vinyl and wood in all aspects. They are also less in maintenance and provide increased safety which makes it a smart choice for home owners.


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