Granite Countertop Colors

There are many ways of making an attractive and useful countertop space. These countertop materials are divided into different categories like solid wood, laminates, stone and other synthetics. Solid wood materials are expensive hardwoods that are resistant to certain damages and rotting while solid stone are costly which includes granite, limestone, marble and slate. One can choose any material according to their liking.

Laminate is popular due to its low price and easy installation. It is a plastic sheet which is glued to the particle or wood board. They are not attractive and durable and can get damaged by heat or from acidic materials. Different types of woods are also used in the kitchen like bamboo, oak and mahogany. Bamboo is an attractive wood that has natural antibacterial properties, but it is susceptible to scratching. Hardwoods are exceptionally beautiful, but they are also prone to scratching. They can be used for countertops where cooking preparations are not done. Granite is heavy and attractive material which is difficult to install and maintain. It is more resistant to staining and heat as compare to marble. Marble is also attractive, but it is not a good choice for active kitchens in which heavy or hot objects are placed on the counter.

Granite consists of silica, quartz, obsidian, mica, feldspar, and many other minerals. Granite slab has exceptional crystals, strength and differences in color. It is brilliant as it does not change the colors. The price of granite countertops vary according to square footage and other factors like backsplash and edge selections. There are many substances which are not granite countertop friendly such as oil, mustard, wine and acidic chemicals. Though, granite is heat resistant and do not burn or crack with usual use. It is easy to clean them. One can clean it with warm water and dish soap. There are also special stone cleaners available in the market. Avoid using rough cleaners on granite. It is essential to reseal granite when moisture soaks in and there is no need of any special expertise in resealing. Granite is unique so in case any part of the countertop needs replacement due to damage, it will not go with the original piece. Granite countertops have some seams and the seam location depends on the design of the countertop.

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