Glider Porch Swing

So you have discovered that your outdoor porch is missing one critical piece of Americana that dates back as far as the flag and apple pie: a porch swing. Our fascination with this piece of patio furniture runs back years upon years. Yes, Americans have developed quite the love affair with the outdoor porch swing, and we look to it as one of our necessities in purchasing furniture.

But now that you’ve decided to get a porch swing, you’re confused as to what you want to get. While the traditional, old chain swing brings back feelings and memories of yore, a new, increasingly popular option has presented itself: the outdoor glider.

What is an outdoor glider, you may ask? It is the new generation of outdoor patio swings. The major difference is that this one does not require so much as a chain, or even a patio beam to hang off of. The outdoor glider, much like its cousin (the gliding rocking chair) can be placed anywhere on your front porch, so long as it has a place to fit. No more drilling, or attaching chain to a heavy rocking bench. Now, you can set it up on any corner, set out some ice-cold lemonade, and let it welcome your friends and family.

The lack of major home renovations is not the only reason that a outdoor glider may be the solution for you. One of the major advantages of this type of rocker is the fact that it is highly portable. So if you don’t like where it sits, or feel that a new position would work better, you don’t need to make a major project out of dismantling your entire rocker. Rather, two people can move the outdoor glider to wherever it needs to go. Move it around the front porch, back porch, or even put it inside for the winter – the outdoor glider moves wherever you want it to move, with only a fraction of the hassle!

Another great advantage to buying a outdoor glider is the ease to set up and get to swinging. While traditional outdoor swings can take a while to put together and put into operation, the outdoor glider sets up and is ready to go in around an hour or so. The secret is in the hardware that it comes with. By following the instructions with the correct tools, putting together your glider will be a breeze! Drilling and adjusting chain are a thing of the past: now, with a few bolts in the right places, you will be ready to enjoy your day in no time!

On a more serious note, outdoor gliders can also be safer than traditional porch swings as well. With traditional porch swings, your constant worries include making sure that you are current on the upkeep, so the swing does not fall and break your porch. Furthermore, if your guests are on the swing when it breaks, you’re also talking about broken people as well…which could result in even higher costs than a few repairs. Outdoor gliders take the worry of having a outdoor patio swing. Because it gets its support from underneath, your outdoor glider gets its strength from below, ensuring ultimate safety for you and your guests. And because it is securely fastened by bolts and swivels, your glider will be safe and secure for years to come.

Getting an outdoor glider as your primary outdoor swing is one of the most sound investments you can make. And knowing the advantages of them before you buy will help you be a more educated buyer, both now and for years to come.


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