Gardall Safe

Now a days, having a wall safe is considerably more liberal and best option for home security when compared to the typical in-home safe. There are different types of home security safes are available like wall safes, in-floor safes, and general safes.

A wall home safe is the right option available in the market for those people who really want to hide the valuable things from any thief. These safes can be set-up quite easily in home’s wall or offices and they can be set-up in actual wall or in wooden walls. People who wants to hide the safe, they just cover up it with a mirror, painting or some pictures and quickly they have a perfect hidden safe. These safes come in a wide varieties of depths, so you will make sure that your wall space can easily hold the model you select. These security safes offer more security to your valuable things like money, jewelery, important documents in the house.

As we know that the market is flooded with wide range of these security items that are basically designed for your home and business. Choosing right security item among them is very difficult and frustrating task.

Gardall wall safe is one of the most trusted and reputed brands comes in security safe. This company offered a good quality product, also provide security, digital media storage and protection, resistance to water, fire resistance, firearm storage protection and they are available for 4″ walls. These wall safes are available in different designs and colors.

Here is a short description regarding to some of the best security products offered by Garadall.

1. Gardall Wall Safe WS-1314-T-K — Gardall safe offers high quality security features. These are specially designed to be concrete into a wall and easily covered up by a picture. They are available with key operated system lock and they are available in 12″H X 14″W X 2.5″D dimensions. The weight of this item is approximately 27 lbs and the price is $ 264.

2. Gardall Insulated Wall Safe WMS-119-G – The safe is available in vertical designs and they have dual security key combination. The price of this item is around $ 330. The other details regarding to the dimensions and weight are mentioned below

This dimensions is about 12.25″H X 8.50″W X 8.50″H inches in size. The weight of item around 75 Lbs.

3. Gardall Insulated Fire Rated Wall Safe WMS-912-G – The safe is fire rated and offers better security features. The price of this good is $ 365. The detail regarding dimension is mentioned below:

This is available in 9.50″H X 12.75″W X 10.25″H inches in size. The weight is around 101 Lbs.

Gardall Insulated Fire Rated Wall Safe WMS-129-G — This is another excellent safety product offered by Gardall which provides all kind of modern electronic features like programmable electronic lock with over-ride optional. The price of this wall safe is $ 365. The detail regarding wall safe dimension is mentioned below:

This inside dimensions of this safe is about 12.75″H X 9.50″W X 10.25″H inches in size. The weight of this safe is around 101 lbs.


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