Freestanding Tub

A freestanding tub is actually much more versatile than you may imagine. Although it’s often considered as the perfect complement for a classic theme, it can actually fit into a wide range of other bathroom themes, including both contemporary and modern minimalist themes. All you have to do is select the right design of the tub, and even more importantly, select the right base for the tub.

Indeed, just by alternating between claw feet, plinths, cradles or even having no base at all, you can transform the overall look of your tub. That’s something you can hardly achieve with many other tub designs, such as the built-in tub.

1. Selecting the Right Claw Feet for That Perfect Classic Theme

When you buy a freestanding bath, you might either buy it with the claw feet already installed, or you may decide to add them on later. Although this might seem like a minor aspect, selecting the right feet would significantly affect the overall look of your tub.

Moreover, elevating your tub on claw feet would help in preventing accumulation of moisture beneath the tub as water spills around it. This would prevent growth of mould and mildew, which can seriously affect your health, apart from posing harm to the structure of your floor.

Modern claw feet are available in a wide variety of finishes ranging from chrome, cast iron, brass, anthracite and even antique gold. Hence, if you want to create an even bolder statement with you tub, getting a strikingly beautiful set of claw feet would be the way to do it. Just imagine, matching up a pure white tub with a set of antique gold claw feet. That would definitely create the ultimate look of opulence.

You can also take advantage of claw feet designs that can be bolted onto the floor. This will further safeguard your safety, when complemented with non-slip surfaces. You should take this into consideration, apart from various other safety features recommended by the Australian Department of Health, especially if you live with an elderly person.

2. Get a Contemporary Style With a Bath Plinth

Just by getting rid of the claw feet and instead installing bath plinths, you can change the style of your bath from classic to contemporary. Such wooden plinths originate from Japan and are available in a wide range of finishes, with the white and black gloss being two of the most striking ones.

You can find various sizes of bath plinths made of oak, wenge and walnut.

3. Switch Up to a Clean-Lined Minimalist Look With Metal Cradles

Metal cradles are bound to completely transform that classic freestanding tub into the ultimate clean-lined minimalist look. If you were wondering what to do with your tub after renovating your bathroom to a modern design, you definitely should not worry any more. You don’t even need to throw out that tub.

All you have to do is install an ornately designed metal cradle and you would have instantly transformed your tub’s appearance. Such a cradle would actually offer the same benefits as the claw feet, since you can easily clean around and beneath the base.

You can also achieve a minimalist look by installing a freestanding tub that doesn’t have any attached base.


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