Frameless Medicine Cabinet

The vanity area is very important in a bathroom. think how often you use some element of the vanity area.

Choosing an attractive vanity mirror, or mirrored medicine chest is not only essential to the efficient usage of your bathroom, it is also a design element and will add much to your finished bathroom if chosen carefully.

You first need to determine whether you want a flat mirror above your vanity, or you want a mirrored medicine chest. This is a personal choice based on your own needs. Some people seem to glide through life needing few things to make them comfortable. These folks will do well with a flat mirror.

For the rest of us, who need lots of things, a mirrored medicine chest will serve our needs much better. Most of us need headache and cold remedies, band-aids, lotions and cremes etc. to help us prepare and get through our day, and we like them conveniently placed and arranged.

Fortunately, mirrored medicine chests come in many attractive styles these days. They are no longer that ugly little box hanging over the vanity.

Think of the rest of the decor you either have, or will install in your bathroom when selecting either a mirror or a mirrored medicine cabinet. Some come with frames that match the cabinetry in our bathrooms, and others are frameless.

Look carefully at the inside and how the storage is arranged. This is usually pretty basic, but you want to be sure shelves can be moved to accomodate the head room needed for certain items. Also check the quality. Is this an item that will hold up, be easy to clean and support your needs.

Make sure this accessory to your bathroom has a minimum of grooves and places that are difficult to get at and clean. You will probably be living with your new medicine cabinet for a long time.

Once you know the styling you are looking for, make it a point to check the front area of the large home improvement centers when you are shopping. Sometimes, if the timing is just right, you can pick up a very nice mirrored medicine cabinet for a very reasonable price. Periodically, manufacturers will discontinue an item, and those left in stock may be offered at very attractive pricing. It is good at such times to have some notes about the dimensions you need, so if a good deal presents itself, you can snap it up.

One other thing to keep in mind, is lighting. You should have lighting on both sides of your vanity mirror, and you will want your lighting fixtures to complement the style of your vanity and mirror.


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