Foyer Bench With Shoe Storage

You may have noticed the trend. Homes are getting bigger and bigger and bigger these days. Today’s larger homes have so much square footage you may need to rest a spell in the hallway as you are trying to get around. You could prop yourself against the wall, get down on the floor, which means getting back up again, or go with the better option, having hall benches.

Ok, that is really not what most people use hall benches for, but it could be if you have one of those super mansions that require a map to find your way from the bathroom to the kitchen. For the rest of us, there are still practical and decorative uses for hall benches.

In the practical arena, if you entertain a lot, and often have a lot of folks needing to use the facilities, hall benches give them somewhere to sit nearby, rather than having to act like a vulture circling outside the bathroom door waiting for it to open. Hall benches with storage underneath can also be a place where extra towels and other toilet items can be stored for guests who will be staying a night or two. Hall benches near your spare bedroom can also offer an accessible location for extra blankets, sheets and pillows to be stored. Hall benches in the foyer offer a perfect place to sit down to take off your shoes, or boots if you have been out in the rain or snow. There is nothing more uncomfortable than trying to get tight, and possibly wet, shoes off of one foot while balancing on the other, or leaning against the wall. It is much easier when you can take your weight off both feet and focus on removing the shoe, not balancing.

On the more artistic side, there are a few good unique uses for hall benches in homes. Many homes today have at least on piece of fine art hanging on a wall. Hall benches across from this art can give your home a gallery feeling near this painting or sculpture, where people are given a chance to sit and reflect on the piece, contemplating it’s meaning, and appreciating that you are sharing the artwork with them.

Finally, hall benches can be part of your home d├ęcor. Sure they are a place to sit, but they can also be a beautiful addition to your country or rustic motif. Beautiful wooden hall benches that have been hand tooled with ornate detailing will be a showstopper as people enter your home and see it. If the back of the bench has railings, you can intertwine some bright and colorful silk flower vines through those rails, making these hall benches all the more charming and welcoming.

While once upon a time benches were just a place to wait for the next bus to come along and pick you up, they have come a long way. Now benches, like those for the hall, are a beautiful and practical part of decorating any home.


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