Faux Suede Curtains

To create a relaxed and informal atmosphere in a dining room window treatments comprising of full length curtains offer stylish grace when drawn open and held in place with traditional rope tassels or chic beaded tiebacks in contrasting or complimentarily colours.

Bay windows look elegant and sophisticated when dressed with curtains in traditional fabrics of medium weight Damask or Jacquard. The weave of the fabrics, wide choice of colours and patterns enable these curtains to be made with deep headings which form beautiful pleating and gentle folds. Ready made fashionable eyelet curtains are an economical method of dressing bay windows to provide a modern and trendy look.

There are a variety of different curtain tracks and curtain poles to enhance the drape and fall of the curtain. Bay window curtain poles, which are specifically designed to fit the shape and size of the window, are ideal for light and medium weight curtains. Traditional style curtain tracks support medium and heavier weight curtains enabling them to be drawn and closed effortlessly.

Full length curtains in deep rich colours blend beautifully with dark furniture, provide warmth and a cosy atmosphere on chilly evenings in a traditional style home. Bay window curtains look refined and timelessly classical when fitted with a matching pelmet and tiebacks.

Cream curtains with a bold contrast of faux suede at the edges and incorporated into the pelmet provide a gracious look to enhance paler traditional or modern dining room furniture. Pastel colours of ready made curtains can also offer a great alternative in a small dining room to give the illusion sophisticated grandeur at very affordable prices. Many ready made curtains are available with matching tiebacks to complete these attractive style designs.

Both modern and traditional style floral curtains are excellent for bringing a fresh and friendly feeling to a dining room, pale background colours with flower springs or blooms look stunning in large bay windows.

Neutral tones in faux suede or fashionable corded fabrics are perfect for contemporary interior design styles which coordinate with modern furniture styles and less formal life styles. Faux suede curtains are soft to the touch, forming gentle pleats and folds which can be hung with pleated headings or used with great effect with curtain rings and poles in chic metal effect, beaded tiebacks complete the trendy look.

For a funky and dramatic effect faux suede curtains in vibrant colours such as vivid red or mauve are the perfect choice which compliment trendy dining room furniture. Fine quality ready made curtains with contemporary prints offer an alternative and chic window dressing which compliment modern dining room furniture equally effectively.

Lining curtains helps them to hang more effectively as well as providing additional heat insulation and reduce the risk of the fabric fading.

The great advantage of choosing ready made curtains is that they are available in a variety of different width and length sizes as well as a whole host of exciting colours and textures to compliment any homes interior design style, which can be used as the sole window dressing or coordinated with blinds to provide privacy and protection from direct sunlight to protect furniture.


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