Fancy Couches

Whoever said that growing up meant that you had to dress like an adult? Through theme parties and out and out costume parties, people of all ages are finding reasons to wear fancy dress costumes in a variety of situations. If you feel that your life has been a little bit boring and predictable for a while, why not consider throwing a party? Even if you’re combining work friends, social buddies and family, giving everyone a reason to wear fancy dress costumes tends to tie the whole thing together.

If you have creatively or historically oriented friends, you can always suggest a period theme party. How would you like to see your friends dressed? For instance, think an early twentieth century theme based around the Titanic or a flappers/gangster theme from the Roaring Twenties. People love to get dressed to the nines, and with fancy dress costumes, they can do just that. Encourage everyone to get involved by proposing prizes for funniest costume, most realistic costume and overall best outfit. One great threat for people who refuse to take part in the fancy dress costumes is to threaten to dress them yourself with whatever comes to hand.

When encouraging fancy dress costumes remember to set the stage accordingly. Even if your home isn’t an enormous mansion, you can make a couple of quick fixes and help it approximate one for a little while. Try swathing your walls with fabric and keeping the lightly low. Make sure that you have plenty of seating and places for your guests to lounge and pose. Once again you can also throw cloths over normal couches can make for an elegant chaise.

When they’re wearing fancy dress costumes people love to show off, so why not ask one of your friends to play photographer? Let them roam the party with a digital camera, taking shots of everything that meets their eye and then post them on a website. Not only will this create some great memories but it will also spice up the party. It’s always fun to see who will pose and who will do everything they can to avoid getting a picture taken.

Given the fact that our society is becoming more casual and less interested in formality, you’ll have to start making your own occasions to wear those fancy dress costumes that you love, so step up and start planning. Whether your taste is in Prohibition Era-chic or from the elegant styles of the fifties, see what kind of event you can throw.


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