Ethan Allen Leather Furniture

Furnishing the residences of home owners since 1955, most of our customers say that we transformed their ‘concrete houses’ into ‘cozy, comfortable and beautiful homes’ with our elegantance. We know the extent of your concern and love for your homes, we offer such elegant furnishing products, such as beddings, mirrors, dressers, sofas, mattresses to name a few. In fact, we can proudly state that we stand out as one of the leading furnishing organizations in Newburgh NY. As we offer an extensive range of home furnishings, that’s why we are appropriate store for those of you who consider themselves to be a one-stop shopper. In order to make our products easily available to you, we do have quite a few furnishing stores in Newburgh NY and we even plan to open up a few more.

We want all of you to experience the wide and extraordinary range of collection of furniture, because of which tend to offer an exclusive range of discounts furnishing products. For instance, we introduced a 15% discount on all types of furnishing items in our Bennett Seating collection, such as the Bennett love seats, sofas, sectionals, and ottomans in leather and feather. We also offer 15% discounts on bedding products, like night tables, chests, pillows, mattresses, armoires and dressers.

We make sure to carry out each of our operational functions on our home so that we don’t have to compromise the standards of our products or services. We design, produce, promote, deliver, and distribute our products. At the initial stage, we offer a design service free of costs to you with the help of our fashion experts, who are going to advise you with the appropriate furnishing products in accordance to your home. We believe that even if you intend to purchase a single piece of furnishing item for your home it needs to be perfect. We make sure that each of the products defines your personality and style statement. Hence, the furnishings are not only supposed to be of premium quality but also trendy and fashionable. Our experts make sure to innovate and design the furnishing products, which are unique and unparalleled in context to the entire apparel and fashion industry. Since we are aware of the fact that each one of you tend to have different tastes, we offer you with furnishing products that are available in five variant and innovative signature styles, namely, Modern, Elegant, Explorer, Romance and Vintage.


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