Engineered Hardwood Vs Solid Hardwood

The real wood vs. engineered plastic laminate floor covering debate is charged up by a variety of points, including the complexity of installment, expense, and durability. When it comes to their looks, it’s usually tough to tell the difference among the two. If you don’t wish to shell out a heap of money but long for the hardwood flooring look, plastic laminate could be the ticket.

However, above everything else, you need to recognize the principal difference among genuine hardwood floor coverings and the engineered plastic laminate flooring. To clarify things, hardwood flooring comes in 2 types: real wood and engineered wood flooring. The engineered wood flooring is the one commonly mistaken for plastic laminate floor coverings. It can get considerably confusing due to the fact that prior to the use of plastic laminate floor coverings in the US, flooring material dealers described engineered wood flooring as “wood laminate flooring”.

Now, aside from what they’re constructed from, what are the distinctions between hardwood and laminate floor coverings? How can you decide on which one is the best material for your home’s floor, in addition to your budget? The following are summaries that focus on the advantages and negative aspects of each one.


The greatest variation between the two could be found in the cost. Ordinary hardwood flooring material costs around $ 11.50 for each square foot. The more precious the hardwood, the larger the fee will be. Don’t be startled to discover hardwood flooring material that costs $ 30 or more. On the other hand, laminate flooring only costs as little as $ 7 each. No matter what type of laminate floor coverings finish you decide on, the charge relatively stays the same.

Difficulty of Installation

Majority of laminate flooring has tongue-and-groove edges that fit in together. You won’t need any sort of cements or adhesives with laminate, and it can be installed over just about any sort of sub-flooring. The hardwood flooring Los Angeles flooring providers sell is a lot more challenging to set up, typically needing strong glues and adhesives. Hardwood flooring installation likewise needs a high degree of carpentry abilities compared to laminate flooring material.


Hardwood floors Los Angeles stores have are much more prone to a house’s wear and tear. But they can be sanded and refinished. Laminate flooring is more resistant to scratch, dampness, and stains. It is simpler than hardwood to clean off, but tough to patch up as it can’t be sanded and finished. Should any kind of damage take place, it is recommended to replace it.

Now that you realize the pros and cons of the two flooring products, it is essential to analyze these properly so that you can decide on whether hardwood or laminate flooring Los Angeles stores supply is right for you. You can get more information on both by checking out


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