Edison Bulb Chandelier

The incandescent light bulb, as invented by Mr. Edison, forever changed home lighting in the United States and other parts of the world. Prior to Mr. Edison’s historical light bulb invention, chandeliers used candles to light-up interior and exterior areas of homes and other locations.

Today, outdoor chandeliers that use candles are still available in the marketplace. Nonetheless, given the advent of the electric light bulb, many more design options are also available to consumers in the United States.

Illuminating living spaces not only facilitates the accomplishment of tasks; additionally, it may help homeowners create the environment they wish to create in the interior and exterior of their homes. One type of light fixture that provides illumination is the outdoor chandelier. An outdoor chandelier may help homeowners create the environment they wish to create in the exterior areas of their home.

However, it is important to realize that lighting that is utilized outdoors needs to meet different safety standards than lighting that is used indoors. Lights that are used outdoors are exposed to the natural elements, such as wind, moisture, sunlight, etc.

Underwriters Laboratories may assist consumers who are shopping for an outdoor chandelier. Underwriters Laboratories is an independent program that tests lighting and other products for safety standards. They designate that a product has been tested and certified for a particular use, such as for the outdoors, by putting an UL on the product packaging and indicating the specific use for which it has been certified as safe.

Moreover, another program that may assist homeowners when shopping for outdoor chandeliers and other products is ENERGY STAR. ENERGY STAR is a program that tests products for energy efficiency. Thus, if a product is listed as having met ENERGY STAR’s energy standards, the product will have the ENERGY STAR logo on its product packaging.

Thanks to Mr. Edison, many options are available to consumers when they are shopping for an outdoor chandelier. However, consumers may wish to be guided by both of the aforementioned programs, namely, Under Writers Laboratories and ENERGY STAR, when shopping for an outdoor chandelier.


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