Duvet Inserts

What do you desire at the end of a tiring day? Good food and a beautiful and clean bed with proper bedding is what one craves for. Just like women, even men are quite keen on what patterns and designs would look good in their room. Thus, when it comes to bedding, a couple decides on what kind of a mattress, bed sheets and duvets they need to buy for their room. Duvets are one of the most important items in bedding especially during winter. Apart from offering comfort, duvets lend a classy and a sophisticated touch to your bed. However, along with duvets you need to buy duvet covers to protect your duvets from dust and dirt.

What is a duvet cover?

A duvet is like a bag which is filled with feathers, down, or other stuffing. A duvet cover can be compared to a large pillowcase and is like a blanket for your bed. Duvet covers comes with button, zip or tie at the top which allows keeping the inserts in the duvet in place and does not spill out. Duvets, though comfortable and cosy are expensive and not easy to wash. Hence, it is important that you keep your duvet covered with duvet covers to protect it from dust and dirt. Originated in rural Europe, duvets are known as thermal insulators. They are ideal to keep you warm and cosy on a cold winter night.

Lowdown on duvet covers

Duvet covers are available in different patterns, designs and colours. Duvet covers can brighten up your room instantly. Available in various sizes, you should buy duvet covers according to the size of your duvet. It is suggested that you buy duvet covers that are at least 1” or 2” inches larger than the duvet. Twin size, queen size and king size are few of the sizes in duvet covers that are available online and in the market. Duvets covers are available in a range of fabrics. Cotton is one of the most common among all fabrics that is used to make duvet covers. Easy to wash and dry, cotton offers great breathability. Combed cotton, cotton satin, cotton percale, Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton are some the textures that are made from cotton. Duvet covers are also made from blended fabrics as they are easy to care for and are ideal for no-iron bedding. Silk duvet covers are luxurious and soft. They are easy to wash but require high maintenance as silk is a delicate fabric. Silk duvet covers lend a romantic and sensual touch to your bed and are available in rich and gorgeous colours. Faux suede is another fabric which is used to make duvet covers. Affordable and easy to clean, micro suede duvet covers are available in a range of colours. Made from polyester blends, velvet duvet covers are ideal for cooler months and are easier to wash. Some of the brands that offer duvet covers are Portico New York, Just Linen, Tangerine, Little India, Stellar Home USA and Maishaa.


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