Duramax Storage Shed

I love storage sheds, first off they give you more room to put all the things you keep shoving into your garage without avail. Secondly, they store all sorts of things from tools and equipment, to patio chairs and tables to sports equipment. Some of these sheds are so big you can actually fit your bicycles into them! And lastly, they aren’t a huge eye sore. I know, the backyard is the backyard but still I don’t want some huge ugly looking thing in my yard! These sheds are all pretty attractive and depending on what type you want, you can choose from all sorts of materials that these sheds are made from including vinyl, metal and wood. The following sheds and buildings have all been highly rated amongst owners. These sheds and buildings will include some extra features or specs you might be interested in as well!

Arrow Utility Building 10’x21 – This is a multi-purpose storage building that is big enough to store a small car or boat! Use the amazing storage space and huge door openings as a small workshop or warehouse. The walls, roof and steel frame have all been constructed from hot dipped galvanized steel, this guy is built strong to with stand anything!


Storage Area: 32.8 cu.m (1363 cu. ft.)

Interior Dimension: Width: 283 cm (111 in.); Depth: 631 cm (248 in.); Height: 239 cm (94 in.)

Wall Height: 193 cm (76 in.)

Door Opening: Width: 236 cm (93 in.); Height: 191 cm (75 in.)

Recommended Foundation Size: Width: 324 cm (127.5 in.); Depth: 671 cm (264 in.)

Weight: 333 kg (748 lbs)

Wall Color: White. Roof Color: White

Rubbermaid Large Horizontal Sandstone/Olive Outdoor Storage Shed – Horizontal storage shed provides maintenance-free, durable protection from the elements for lawn and garden equipment, grill supplies and more. Durable resin construction will not rust, rot, fade, split or peel; will not require painting. Freestanding and weather resistant. These sheds can be used to store items or products that are not suitable for indoor storage, such as gasoline, pesticides, or herbicides.


Tough, durable floor included

Color: Taupe and Green

32 cu. ft. storage capacity. 56.5″ w x 32″ d x 48″ h.

Hinged design with prop bar for easy access

Lid prop bar included

Duramax Vinyl Storage Shed 4′ x 8′ Stronglasting SideMate With Foundation Kit – The SideMate shed is an easy-to-assemble outdoor storage solution designed to be placed on the side of your home. The contemporary design beautifies a backyard while maximizing space for yard tools or garden essentials. Constructed of durable all-weather vinyl in neutral ivory, the SideMate shed is maintenance free. It will never need painting or treating. It will not rust, dent, rot, mildew or fade. It is also fire retardant and much quieter in the rain than any metal shed.


All-weather durable vinyl eliminates painting, treating or maintenance

Contemporary design in neutral ivory will beautify your yard or garden

Wall height ideal for most communities

Features 62″ interior height and 30″ wide door

Metal reinforced wall columns for superior strength

Fire retardant

Easy Installation In 3-4 hours (2 people recommended for installation)

Includes door handles

Outside dimensions: 94″ x 48″ x 73″ tall

Storage volume: 154 cubic feet

All three of these brands are incredibly well-known, very durable and have all receive rave reviews with people that own them! These products are definitely worth checking out!


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