Drapes For Sliding Glass Door

Choosing the right sliding glass door curtains is important because curtains instantly update and enhance the appearance of any room. Aside from this, it also provides privacy, especially since the door is made of glass and one side faces the outdoors, like patio or balcony sliding glass doors. Hanging curtains on your sliding glass door also prevents you from being awakened by the sun’s rays especially if it is a weekend and you have no plans to wake up early.

There are so many benefits that you can get by simply hanging curtains on your sliding door. When it comes to choosing curtains for your sliding glass door, you have to consider a few important things.

Check out the following description to know more about some useful tips for selecting the right sliding glass door curtains.

1) Get the measurements of the sliding glass door

The dimensions of the sliding door are one of the main and important factors to specify the right sized curtains. You can use a ruler or a tape measure to get the measurements and be sure to write them down on a piece of paper. Bring these measurements to the store where you are planning to buy your door curtains. Remember that there are no standard measurements for door curtains. Just pick the one which is most appropriate for the size of your sliding glass door. Or, if you cannot find any, you can go to a shop that customizes curtains and other treatments.

2) Pick the right fabric for your curtains

When it comes to choosing sliding glass door curtains, you have to pick the right fabric based on your needs. For example, if you desire the room to be a little bit dim even during daytime, you should consider choosing curtains made from thick and heavy fabric. These curtains are appropriate for TV rooms or game rooms where dim lighting is preferred over bright lighting. However, if the sliding glass door is located in your kitchen, living room, dining area, you may need to select a lighter fabric that makes the room airy and fresh. This will work especially in summer when there is too hot weather, and you do not want to feel suffocated with dark and heavy curtains.

3) Select the right colors, patterns, and prints

Curtains come in so many different colors, patterns, and prints. If the sliding glass door is located in a room with patterned walls, you need to choose curtains in solid colors to avoid having too many different kinds of patterns in one room. On the other hand, printed or patterned curtains can instantly enhance the appearance of a plain and boring room. You also need to choose the right color, pattern, and print depending on the room where you are going to hang the curtains. For example, if the door leads to your outdoor swimming pool, it is a good idea to hang blue curtains or white curtains with blue wave patterns that will look appropriate for your outdoor swimming area.

4) Other options

Aside from fabric curtains, you can also choose curtains made of plastic, beads, or wood. Other door treatments include drapes, shades, and blinds. You should choose the one that you think works best for your sliding glass door. For example, if the sliding glass door leads to your garden, wooden blinds will look better than fabric curtains because of their natural and rustic look.


It is important to choose curtains that have the right size, fabric, and design and color. You should also know your other options aside from sliding glass door curtains like drapes, blinds, and shades.


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