Decorative Fireplace Screens

You can easily find information about many types of decorative fireplace screens designed to make your home that special welcoming place. With a wide variety of choices and manufacturers, fireplace screens will not only provide you with the safety that you need with an open fireplace but also add to the beauty and aesthetics of your home.

Having a quality custom fireplace screen or mesh curtain is especially important when you have children or guests in your home. Made of the best quality materials and with a design that suits you and your home, your new fireplace screen will provide you with the necessary safety and decorative feature to add that special inviting homeliness to your home.

Fireplace screens have been created mainly to assist with the even distribution of heat throughout an entire room as well as control any flying sparks or embers thereby protecting both your home and your family.

They can also be beautiful. Fireplace screens add that special touch to elaborate fireplaces and also bring the more basic fireplaces to life. When a fireplace screen or fireplace glass doors are combined with other sorts of fireplace accessories, they really have the ability to turn your hearth or open fire into a beautiful showpiece. The fireplace should be the focal point of the room and it deserves an appropriate level of attention to its accessories.

Decorative Fireplace Screens

A fireplace should add romance and class to any room it occupies. It is therefore important that the fireplace screen should be of the finest quality to give you the exact aesthetic look that you are after. The right one will be individual to you and with your custom fireplace screen in place, it will display your taste for elegance and practicality, attributes which will be seen by all your guests.

Contemporary Fireplace Screens

A contemporary fireplace screen will add a classic and distinguished look to any fireplace. When shopping around, make sure that the one you choose is heavy and well constructed, built using heavy gauge mesh screen with strong support legs. These screens are generally made for interior fireplaces and will weigh around 24 lbs. Heights do range but generally you will find standard sizes as follows:

Medium Screen dimensions: 33W x 39H inches

Large Screen dimensions: 44W x 34H inches

Folding Fireplace Screens

The traditional folding fireplace screen is often seen as the classic screen design. Several design options are available including three panel and four panel ones. Usually they weigh around 10 lbs and are normally a bit wider than non-panel fireplace screens due to the hinges. They are generally around 52 inches wide by about 31.5 inches high. Each of the panels are usually around 13 inches wide by 31.5 inches high. Always make sure that you buy ones of quality construction as safety is most important with folding screens.

You should always ensure that your fire screen is at least ten to twelve inches wider than the width of your fireplace but also allowing enough fold in the screen so that it cannot risk falling over. The height of your screen should be at least one to three inches taller than your opening.

Ornate Fireplace Screens

Ornate fireplace screens often have beautiful designs built into them with some classics becoming collector’s items worth large amounts of money. One of the popular classic designs is the single panel fan design constructed of durable iron with a sleek pewter finish. Often made of a single panel, they generally weigh around 11 lbs. These ones are normally around 38 inches wide by 25 inches high.

Single panel fireplace screens should be large enough to overlap the opening of your fireplace by a minimum of on to two inches on both sides to ensure adequate spark protection.

Fireplace Grates

Having a fireplace grate is one of the most important fireplace accessories second only to the fireplace screen itself. Fireplace grates are available in many shapes and sizes to fit just about all types of fire places.

Your fireplace grates is crucial to ensuring that your fireplace is burning at its peak efficiency. It does this by elevating the logs off the firebox floor thereby allowing for greater airflow around the whole fireplace. This assists in providing less smoke and creosote as well as causing less pollution but more heat.

Log Racks and Log Carriers

Log racks are one of those fireplace accessories that you really to make sure that you have as they are functional and decorative as well as completing your fireplace set.

When choosing a log rack, there are many styles, colors and types from which to choose. Log carriers and racks will keep your firewood neatly contained and stacked in a handy position by the fireplace or wood stove ready to be thrown on the fire as and when needed.

Log carriers make carrying logs much easier as you simply load it up and carry the logs in by the handles eliminating a lot of mess both on you and across the floor.

Wood Stove Steamers and Kettles

Many people buy all sorts of accessories fro their fireplace including hearth rugs, match holders, ash buckets, fireplace bellows and wood stove steamers.

Within the range of wood stove steamers, you will find fireplace accessories such as: wood stove kettles, fireplace cranes ( bracket on a swing arm mounted on the firebox to support wood stove kettles and Dutch Ovens over the fire in the fireplace), trivets, wall hooks, Dutch Ovens and a range of cookware.


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