Daycare Sleeping Mats

As a mother, you are obviously concerned about how your child relaxes at his daycare–right? The naptimes at your precious cherub’s daycare can be made much sweeter and safer by going in for a non-toxic, organic daycare nap mat. Made of 100 percent safe PVC-free materials; these products are completely safe for all toddlers. They always rank high on your requirements for a preschool rest mat that are made from organic and natural raw materials that prove to be very comfortable and relaxing -in every sense of the words.

Read on for more on why a non-toxic and natural daycare nap mat is better than its other counterparts.

Why are Naps Important?

It is very important for your child to take a short nap after some tiring hours of work or play. Most day care professions ensure that the children associated with them get adequate moments of sleep, as it makes them grow in a healthier way. As per experts in child care, naps are also important for younger children and help kids remain happy and active. Additionally, naps also provide your kid with that much-needed downtime required for proper growth and rejuvenation.

Green Naps with Eco Mats

If the day care chosen by you happens to be using mats that are filled with lead, latex and PVCs, then you need to dedicate some thought to the quality of sleep offered to your little one. Though these materials do not disturb sweet dreams in any way, they do have a long term negative impact on his overall health conditions. It therefore becomes important to steer clear of these jot-so-congenial products and advise caretakers to shift to eco mats that go a long way in offering “green naps”–the affordable way! Here, we take you through a quick brief on why natural and organic mats are essential for preschoolers and toddlers and the many advantages of the same.

Preschool Rest Mat–why is Organic/ Natural a Better Option?

Besides being a lot better for the environment, these nap mats are made from safe and natural raw materials that are more ideal for your baby too. They succeed in keeping babies comfy and warm during the time of their afternoon siesta. As sleeping in mats created from toxic materials like latex and lead can allow them to breath in dangerous fumes -they are best avoided. Along with having an adverse effect on their physical and mental health, these products are not congenial for their overall development and often lead to them being exposed to carcinogens utilized in PVC production; toxic additives like phthalates, lead, and cadmium; and more–thus causing a lasting damage to your child’s overall wellness and health.

Take care of your child -use non-toxic and “green” products for better naptimes!


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