Core Bamboo Cutting Board

As is known to all, according to different cutting raw materials, TCT circular saw blade can be divided into wood cutting saw blade, metal cutting saw blade, saw blade for aluminum cutting and plastics cutting saw blade. OK, in the following article, I will mainly discuss the wood cutting saw blade, I hope you would be interested in such topic.

At first, let me discuss the appellation of wood saw blade, in addition to this common appellation, it also has other names such as woodworking saw blade, wood circular saw blade, wood TCT circular saw blade, wood cemented carbide saw blade, wood cemented carbide circular saw blade, wood cutting saw blade and so on.

Secondly, as for its saw teeth design which should be paid attention if you want to buy right wood circular saw blade, it is common to find right to left saw teeth, right to left flat saw teeth, ladder flat teeth.

Just as its name implies, wood cutting circular saw blade would be used for all kinds of wooden raw material cutting, for example, it can be used to cut some drying but soft wood, the hard wood raw materials, fiber board, medium density fiberboard, high density fiberboard, plywood, laminated wood board, lumber core, artificial board, laminated board, shaving board, veneers, board fireproofing, melamine board, bamboo, bamboo plywood and other bamboo products.

Finally in the article, I will discuss how to choose top quality wood cutting saw blade because I think it would be hottest topic that people want to know. It is easy to understand the with top quality wood saw blade, not only cutting quality can be guaranteed, but also it can be used for a long time, in other words, the cutting cost for each time would be low.

When buying wood saw blade, you should at first consider it will be used for rip cutting or cross cutting. If it is used for rip cutting, it is recommended to choose saw blade with less saw teeth and the external diameter would be different because cutting resistance would be too much small, cutting efficiency is high and cutting crumbs could be moved easily. On the other hands, if using it for cross cutting, the choice criterion would be different greatly, for example, you’d better choose saw blade with too many saw teeth because with such design cutting accuracy can be guaranteed and what’s more cutting surface is more smooth.


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