Console Sink With Chrome Legs

Console sinks are usually installed in the bathroom than in the kitchen. They’re usually composed of a sink basin, alone or on a table-like structure, and two front legs. The back part is attached to the wall, and there may be little or no counter space, depending on the model you choose. They’re named after the console table. This furnishing usually has its back part attached to the wall and its front part is propped up by a pair of legs.

Giving the bathroom a new look without really doing a massive overhaul is quite a challenge. That’s because most of the fixtures, like the toilet bowl and bathtub, are expensive and difficult to install. And it’s even more challenging for a cramped bathroom. For such challenge, opting for the console form of sink can be beneficial.

The sink or basin part can be made out of many different materials. The most common of which include porcelain, resin, stone, cast iron and glass. Some of them may come with a support structure, while others don’t. In this case, the washbowl is directly attached to the pair of front legs. You may choose to have the washbowl installed on a table-like structure, which also acts as a countertop.

When it comes to the legs, the materials they’re usually made out of are chrome, wood, nickel, stainless steel and brass. Often, the legs are secured by a bar going horizontally. It serves two purposes: to reinforce the legs and provide a hanging space for towels. Some may come with cabinets or shelves underneath. Without these, the pipes are exposed, which is usually used contemporary homes and buildings. Also, it acts as a storage area for small decorative items.

Going for it is an inexpensive choice, since installation may require no added structure to support the basin or sink. If you’re on a limited budget, such can be very handy. In addition, because there’s an open area underneath it, it can give the illusion of space, making your bathroom appear larger than it is.

The concept of this sink type isn’t something new. It’s commonly seen in old houses or bathrooms. Back then, the legs are usually elaborately designed. But now they take on the clean look, with minimal design. That’s because it may appeal to many homeowners and interior decorators these days. However, it doesn’t matter if the bathroom is modern or classic. This fixture can easily complement just about any bathroom design.

Even your bathroom should carry your personality or design preference. Good thing that it’s easy to throw in your personality with this bathroom fixture. A mirror is commonly hung above it. Such gives you the freedom to choose the shape, size and framing of the mirror. Also, you may choose the kind of faucet to be installed. It’s even possible to purchase the washbowl alone, with drilled holes, and ask a craftsman to come up with the legs that you like.

Console sinks can right away make your bathroom appear new. When installed in a small bathroom, the open area below it can give the illusion of space. Because no other structure is basically needed, they can be installed easily and inexpensively.


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