Concrete Stained Floors

You’ve long waited to have your concrete stamped since you’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about it. After your space’s transformation, you were satisfied and amazed with the result. But the question you have right now is how you can maintain it. Don’t worry; concrete floor staining is not as hard as you may think. In fact, it’s so easy that you’ll never think that it is a chore.

First of all, stamped concrete is generally durable so it does not need high maintenance. It can even keep up with extreme weather conditions so there is not much that needs to be done to protect it. There are only a few things you have to do in order to preserve its finish and beauty. And these things, mind you, will not take much of your time and won’t hurt your pocket either.

One thing that you may consider doing is applying color hardener on top of your stamped concrete. Aside from giving your concrete a nice color and finish, it also makes the concrete more durable. It contains substances that, when absorbed by the concrete, make it more resistant to dirt and dust, abrasion, moist, as well as to extreme temperatures. Many people recommend using color hardener because it gives stamped concrete a unique and vibrant color that’s very attention-grabbing.

You could also try using protective sealer instead of color hardener. Just like hardeners, these sealers also act as protection for the concrete. Applying coats of sealer can also help stamped concrete last for many years—even decades. It is also applied so as to resist dirt, moist, chemicals, oil, grease, and other harmful substances. Protective sealers also act as color enhancers.

Occasionally washing and wiping the concrete surface (especially floors) with a gentle cleaner can also help maintain its glossy finish. Also try to prevent dirt build up on your stamped floor by constantly sweeping and dusting. For stamped concretes outside your home (such as garages, patios, porches, and walkways), you can clean it through pressure washing or manually scrubbing it with soap and gentle cleansers.

If you have some time to spare during weekends, you can also apply wax on your concrete stained floors and scrub it until you achieve the glossy finish you want. Stamped concrete is not that hard to scrub anyway, and you will get your desired result without exerting too much effort. Waxing can also provide your concrete floor the extra protection it needs.

Another tip to help you maintain your stamped concrete is avoiding placing rock salt on it. Rock salts are believed to cause damage to stamped concrete due to harmful substances in it.

These are just some of the basic cleaning tips you have to do to maintain the beauty and shine of your precious stamped concrete. You have spent your hard-earned money for it so it is just right for you to protect it and take good care of it. Your stamped concrete would be a lifetime investment if you know how to maintain it.


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