Coffee Tables

It is said that a coffee table reflects the owner’s style of decoration and as for luxury glass coffee tables this is the epitome of class and decoration. Originally, there were wooden coffee tables which have evolved to having a plate of glass inside its top structure. Now there are coffee tables with a complete glass top and a wooden table base. Some glass coffee tables have aluminum bases which can be crafted into stylish designs as opposed to wood which is more rigid and inflexible.

The variance in designs of luxury glass coffee tables comes up mainly due to the table base design. Another consideration is the glass top which can be clear glass, frosted glass and even can have vinyl images drawn on it. With all these different types of glass tables, one common feature with luxury glass coffee tables is that most have modern designs.

There are wire framed coffee tables which have a wide circular table top and a narrower circular base. This wire frame can be substituted with bamboo stalks to give it an exotic look and feel. Other tables have a metallic frame to give it a general modern look. Oak framed coffee tables are also available, although they are quite pricey.

Though very rare, top of the class luxury glass coffee tables come with an all glass body, including the tabletop and the table base. One table which is dubbed the “Air Glass Coffee Table” comes with a removable full glass shelf which is curved in a stylish design.

As for glass dining tables, there are also a myriad of designs to choose from. It may be particularly tricky to buy glass dining tables online because of the many designs available but some factors remain constant. For example, glass dining tables generally have a thicker glass top as compared to coffee tables. The variance in glass dining tables also comes in the form of table base as in the case of coffee tables. There are the pedestal base dining tables which have a narrower floor area but are stylish and classy. Other dining tables have a round base and come with matching chairs which bring out a stylish dinner setting .When planning to buy glass dining tables online, it is advisable to take into consideration the table’s dimensions in comparison to the space available. Luxury glass dining tables can be a classy addition to your furniture and a definite decor piece.


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